Eurogamer's first impressions: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

For fans of Gran Turismo, then, it's well worth looking forward to the arrival of GT5 Prologue in Europe - and Eurogamer suspects that for a lot of PS3 owners, this kind of graphical tour de force is exactly what they were hoping for when they bought their console. Whether it can achieve its goal of becoming not only the game, but the media centre of choice for motorsports fans is tough to say at this early stage - but it's clear that Polyphony's next opus is going to be, yet again, a stunning showcase for Sony's hardware, and a bloody good racing game to boot.

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killer_trap3968d ago

oh boy oh boy, it's almost here.(check wallet) yep I'm ready for this game. will online work from day one with the european version? or do we have to wait?

ravinash3968d ago

Whens it coming out...all this waiting is doing my head in.

MaximusPrime3968d ago

"It's the London track that really shines, though - it's a bit limited in scope, but it's the best looking city track we've ever seen in a racing game."

i cant wait to play London track!

ravinash3968d ago

It does feel strange racing round the streets where I work.
I even recognise New Zealand house when you go flying past it.

Bolts3968d ago

Whats the big deal? I've played the PSN preview, while the game looks amazing the gameplay...not my cup of tea. I prefer arcade racers like Motorstorm instead of sims.

predator3968d ago

im still not happy about paying for a demo, actually i think il wait for the real game, i cant justify paying for a demo

mighty_douche3968d ago

dude its not a "demo".

Eitherway, GT5 doesnt even have a release date, might even be 2009 so ill be picking this up.

killer_trap3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i got the Logitch G25 steering wheel yesterday. i'm all set for this one.

after experiencing the driver's cokpit view on the demo for the first time i knew i needed a steering wheel.

edit: i can't write cokpit with the right spelling!!!!! word not allowed lol.

AllroundGamer3968d ago

reminded me of Family Guy and cokpit sketch :) here the video clip -

killer_trap3968d ago

lol. though i hate those type of shows but that was funny. bubble u for making my day better

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The story is too old to be commented.