Witcher 2 Xbox 360 review: Darker than Skyrim, sexier than Mass Effect - better than both? (CVG)

CVG: The black sheep of RPGs fights onto console.

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Baka-akaB2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Better art direction
Better Tech
Better fighting system
Actual decision mechanics that matters and do have an effect , even if those decisions are fewer in numbers
Better story by miles .
Easily as good soundtrack
Absolutely better patching and post launch care method , with tons of free content and enhancement added post launch .

You can't quantity love and feeling , but sheer raw volume wise , the Witcher serie easily kicks their collective butts since the first game .
Wich doesnt you can't still love the other two , especially when Skyrim at least is about a completely different focus

HarryMasonHerpderp2413d ago

It is a much better game than skyrim and mass effect.
People should also pick up the first if they have chance http://store.steampowered.c...

decrypt2413d ago

Lets hope the sequels dont get dumbed down for the masses, much like what happens to most games when they go console.

Captain Qwark 92413d ago

you know its already a better game than most becuase they are letting most sites review it the old days. more often than not these days, they have a review embargo which lifts like the day it releases lol. this shows me the devs/publishers are confident they made something special

CC-Tron2413d ago

I would like Witcher 2 more if it had a custom character creator like the Mass Effect games.

DudeJets2413d ago

It just wouldn't fit in right.

pandehz2413d ago

Its a story about the Witcher Geralt of Rivia with all his past looks scars etc, would really suck if you could create your own because its not that kind of rpg.

Somebody2413d ago

That's what makes it special. We are all talking about the same Geralt. We know his scar and his womanizing ways. At the core of the game is his story. When someone said "Geralt" we all know who they talking about.

When people talked reverently about Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, I've always wondered about which one? Thanks to the character creator we could be referencing to any number of character from a black female Shepard to an Asian male Shepard. He/She could be a hero that defended a besieged city or just an ordinary soldier that wields the Force. He/She might as well be faceless since my Shepard won't the same one others are playing with.

Character creation kit works in some RPGs but in cases like The Witcher it doesn't.

dark_kvlt2413d ago

All comparisons aside, it's just an awesome game that you should play if you like RPGs. It's as simple as that. Whether or not you like it more than Skyrim or Mass Effect is your own business and I honestly don't care :).

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