Dead or Alive 5 Director Speaks More On Updated Gameplay Features

Dead or Alive 5's director Yohei Shimbori has posted some more information about the game's new gameplay features.

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Redempteur2408d ago

it would be nice to see "that" variety if we had te full roster ( or more characters from it )

i really want to know if old favorites are back and how many VF5 fighters are included

Lucretia2408d ago

i hope there are no more virtua fighter styles, unless maybe .....the silver haired girl, i forget her name, but yeah, i dont want a DOA vs Virtua Fighter, this is DOA5 ya know ?

Redempteur2408d ago

i see ..but guest characters won't change the core mecanics of this game. Akira seems to conserve his input move list anyway but he will be subjected to the same rules described in the article.

Regent_of_the_Mask2408d ago

There are 3 useless characters in the game. Akira, Pai, & Sarah. Not even worth playing as unless some retard at Team Ninja Dog makes a trophy based around them. Then there will be 2 new DOA5 characters (Mila & Rig) and I'm sure they won't be worth playing as either.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also comes out in the same month as this so DOA5 will be Dead On Arrival.

Lucretia2408d ago hilarious. You cannot really believe that fake Roster leak....LMAO, duuuude seriously, think for a bit.

the Leak was said to come from being on disk from the demo...........The demo was downloadable only......Meaning.....LOL you fell for that

Regent_of_the_Mask2408d ago

It said nothing about the disc it was found in the demo itself. You act like downloadable files can't be hacked lol. The stages were all leaked as well. Face it, the game is garbage & the leak is real (just like other downloadable demos ppl hacked to find things).

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