Fans upset with Resident Evil 6 pre-order DLC

Many fans are upset with Capcom following the recent announcement of pre-order DLC for the upcoming multiplatform survival-horror game, Resident Evil 6.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2411d ago

"Fans" in the plural form of "fan"?

I'm pretty sure there is only one left.

Fix the title.

HarryMasonHerpderp2411d ago

Will get the ultimate special edition.
Pre-owned ;D

Skate-AK2411d ago

Maybe all the content will be in a one time use voucher to unlock it on disc.

BI0RAPTOR2411d ago

This is CAPCOM after all so what`s the fuss about.
This should be expected as standard from them.

DarkSymbiote2411d ago

That doesn't mean it should be tolerated. I hate pre-order BS.

Smashbro292411d ago

I'm confused. First off, every company pulls this shit. Second, why make an article TELLING THE PEOPLE HOW THE PEOPLE FEEL?!

Lucretia2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )


Almost every single company does this with very few exceptions.

EA, Activision, MS, Sony, namco, Square etc.

but ofcourse capcom is the only one right -_-.

unless the company is atlus or nis everyone gets screwed someway.

Its how it is and nothing can be done about it this late in the generation. Companies like best buy, Gamestop etc pay the companies extra to get exclusive content, Capcom (or any other company_ gets a pre-order inscentive so the average gamer doesnt buy the game used, they sell online passes to make money back from used sales, they lock content on disc to milk dlc in order to get more money to compensate for the loss used sales gives them.

while its not fair to the gamer who actually pays, everything comes down to Used games sales destroying the industry, Companies closing down left and right, Companies being forced to merge in order to keep from Closing.

everyone likes to ride the hate train without even caring or seeing why this is happening in the first place. So you guys can keep retaliating by waiting for the games to be used, keep pirating, aslong as that happens im sure Capcom, EA etc will find more ways to screw the people who are screwing them.

Are they being greedy? Yes. are the gamers who buy used games being greedy? Yes.

best solution, if your gonna cry about it, wait 2-3 months till its 30 bucks new, then buy it new. both win

Smashbro292411d ago

I agree with most of what you say but as a consumer I can buy whatever I want. If I can only afford used that's what I'll get.

BuffMordecai2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Its because of people like you that this shit keeps going. "Oh I know I'm getting screwed but I can't do anything about it." If people would simply not buy the crap dlc, companies would not get away with this bs. Enjoy the wallet raping that will come next gen.

ForNgoods2411d ago

After the abomination that was RE5 (thank god i only paid $20 dollars on a black friday special), I think i'll step away from this series until Capcom gets their act together.

omi25p2411d ago

Stop over exaggerating. Resident evil 5 was far from an abomination, It was still obviously a Resident evil game and a resident evil style story and gameplay.

Granted it was a lot more action oriented but it was still a Resident evil game.

If you want to see a game that literally has no resemblance to the originals then look at Splinter Cell Conviction and yet I don't see everyone crying out in anger and abusing everything a Ubisoft does because of it.

I am all for gamers having more say in the development of games but when people complain about small changes to further develop the story it irritates me.

Because there is no way a game could stay IDENTICAL to the previous titles except a possible enhancement of the graphics. Just look at how people complain about COD.

In Resident Evil Umbrella created the nemesis to be a super soldier. So because that one almost tank like type of super soldier died why do people think there umbrella would stop trying to create one all together.

ForNgoods2410d ago

Exaggeration? Ok, maybe so but you have to admit it lacks the basic element of horror that is the meat and potatoes of RE games. I just feel if devs want to try something different then just go all the way with a new IP or at the very least do a spin off RE game and call it anything but RE5.

To be honest with you. I'd rather fan's have no creative input in the dev. cycle of a game. Mainly b/c there's no way to make everyone happy. That's not what this is about tho. This is about capcom deciding turning RE into an action shoot'em up game when the series has millions of established fans of the set formula of what was already in place. As i said before, if they wanted to do something different they i'm completely fine with a new IP or spin-off, if they really wanted to keep the RE name. But dont butcher everything about RE that made it great b/c you want to try something different.
Hell if they released RE6 tomorrow and it had a combat system like Pokemon, would people complain? Of course they would! and why! b/c you took a series based on survival horror/puzzles and turned it into a run and gun/action game.... or Pokemon if you prefer.

omi25p2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Of course its no longer scary. Everyone in the resident evil universe knows the zombies and all the characters you play as have fought the zombies. There is know unknown anymore.

Chris Redfield is a spec ops soldier trained to fight them, Leone has experienced them on a number of occasions.

How are we surposed to be scared by something that could should no longer scare the main character.

You couldn't keep The Resident evil games as survival horror because the first games the human were under attack, Now we are fighting back so they are ammunition, experience and a real objective.

Look at Dead Space 1, It was scary because the monsters were unknown to issacc so he was scared which amped up the overall scariness of the game.

But in Dead Space 2 he knew how to fight back and how to win and so did we which meant we were no longer scared of them.

There is only one horror game I can think of were I think it will remain scary until the series ends and that's Amnesia and that's because its still the fear of the unknown.

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