IGN: Pandora's Tower Review

Even given the irresistible pull of the narrative, Pandora’s Tower isn’t quite up to the standard of other recent Wii RPGs. Yet if at times it seems ugly, confused and repetitive, at others it’s creative, gripping and wonderfully atmospheric. Ganbarion’s game may be no classic, but like Nier, this is rich enough in ideas and narrative force to potentially become something of a cult favourite in years to come.

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LoaMcLoa2410d ago

I've killed 3 bosses and I agree with the score so far.

But the music is great and the voice-acting too! Would just like a deeper combat-system though

And there is a LOT of meat-eating.. If yaaa know whatta mean ;) (Yes, I'm immature as hell)

Venox20082409d ago

7 from IGN isn't bad.. so I think people should try this game, me too :)