The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Review [The X Button]

The X Button writes: "It's particularly notable that this 360 version has been handled deftly, to the extent that it feels like a natural fit for a console and not a clumsily handled port, and the improvements within the Enhanced Edition serve to make an already incredible game even better."

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Mariusmssj2407d ago

Nice review, really happy to see it getting nice scores :D

andibandit2407d ago

When is it released for PS3?

splinter2407d ago

No PS3 release has been confirmed. CD PRojeckt have said that they would like to do one, but that's about as far as it's gone so far.

LightofDarkness2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Yeah, unfortunately they're also moving on to other projects after this (next gen, new IPs), so if we do see a PS3 port, it's at LEAST a year or more away, if it's coming at all. They're still a relatively small team who can only focus on one project at a time, although they may have had a lot of new hirings recently in preparation for future projects, so we'll see.

But really (@andibandit), don't hold your breath.

Perjoss2407d ago

It's a Microsoft exclusive for now, until they decide to do a PS3 or Mac version.

Series_IIa2407d ago

Well the first game has just been ported to Mac, so no doubt the second will

lover20122407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

it's a multiplat game not exclusive
the game is a year early on pc .. you know
and CD RED own the IP not MS
they said they want to do ps3 version but because they are a small team
they can only foucs on one version for now
ps3 version will happen but as above said after a year or so

EDIT: awwww disagrees ???
they are even working on ps3 version of witcher 3

CBaoth2407d ago

it's a multiplatform IP that's not currently available on a Sony device, right?

"Console exclusive" is an oxymoron invented by fanboys to make themselves feel good about the lack of said exclusive content to their particular system of choice.

Tai_Kaliso2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Realistically there isn't going to be a PS3 version. Its a small company that is unfamiliar with PS3 architecture.

They have already moved on to 2 new IP's for next generation. So I wouldn't expect a PS3 version at all. I'm not sure who published the game, but it could of been Microsoft published the console version, which would make the game exclusive on that console.

Since new consoles are expected next year, not sure you'll ever see a PS3 version. Just too small of a company and already on to their next projects.

The PC isn't a gaming console and Microsoft doesn't look at it as competition to the Xbox 360, which is why we've seen them release games like Fable 3 and now other Microsoft owned IP's by Twisted Pixel coming to PC. Microsoft even gave remedy permission to port Alan Wake to PC since they own the publishing rights.

lover20122407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

again with pc not a gaming console ???
wow xbox fanboys are so despert for any game to call it xbox exclusive

what ever you call pc
pc have almost all the xbox "exclusives" plus the multiplat games
most people can play those games without
the need of xbox

i know as always when i say the truth
i will get tons of disagrees
but it's the truth
we have pc fans know
the ones who will bring the rig with the better version of almost every xbox "exclusive" and multiplat games

good thing
i own all the systems
that's why i'm downloading the 10gb pc patch right now

LightofDarkness2407d ago


Do you consider the iPad a console? The iPhone? No?

Well then it's the same with PC. The PC's primary focus isn't to play videogames. You CAN play videogames on PC, but they're built to do a whole lot more. They're multi-purpose, i.e. productivity, office, development, server multimedia, gaming etc.

People generally don't buy a PC JUST to play games. I use mine for development/work, file/web server, multimedia, web browsing and playing games.

Games consoles are computers with a very limited focus, i.e. they are built PRIMARILY to play videogames, everything else is secondary. They are like stripped down PCs in that regard.

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splinter2407d ago

@ Tal Kaliso

The Xbox 360 version was published by Namco Bandai, by the way. ^^