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IGN: DS vs. PSP showdown - Which has the best games?

If you're in the market for a handheld gaming machine right now you face a hard decision. How do you choose between the N-Gage and the Neo Geo Pocket? Sorry, the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable. It's an interesting two horse race, simply because both systems are highly capable, and both have very distinct strengths and weaknesses. Rather than go into those – which IGN are sure you're well versed on anyway – IGN have decided to evaluate each system by the single most important factor: their games.

After all, it's not the tech specs or the name on the case that's important, it's the gameplay on offer. (Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Elite Beat Agents, Everybody's Golf, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo DS, Picross DS, PSP, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Tetris DS, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass)
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Zhuk  +   2759d ago
PSP wins with custom firmware/emulators/POPS
mighty_douche  +   2759d ago
Depends on what style you prefer...
...for me its got to be the PSP, many because of HOMEBREW allowing me to play any game on and console from PS1 backwards.
ravinash  +   2759d ago
I'm starting to put serious consideration for getting a PSP.
Kind of odd in the article they didn't do a conclusion... that was like number 1 rule when I had to write essays at school.

[EDIT] - Well I hope your happy now....I just got it on order with 3 games.
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mighty_douche  +   2759d ago
Then go read read read about Homebrew.
PS360WII  +   2759d ago
Well if emulators are your thing DS does have them as well. In terms of games that you buy DS has the medal for that :)
mighty_douche  +   2759d ago
Have you heard of the R4 REVOLUTION?? there are a few other brands but that the best i know of.

i URGE any DS owners to look into it. its worth every penny, i have a friend with over 100 games on his + video + themes.
PS360WII  +   2759d ago
yea that's pretty slick what people make for these handhelds.

PSP I think is more user friendly in the homebrew arena though which is why more people like the PSP for emulators
BloodySinner  +   2759d ago
Skerj  +   2759d ago
I have both and I'm giving this one to PSP, past catalog and the titles coming out within the next 3 months.
tatotiburon  +   2759d ago
Nintendo DS is a lot better...PSP without Dark_Alex will be doom
dexterwang  +   2759d ago
I have both and love them both!

Logged at least 500hrs with my ds and my recently bought psp I must have logged 200 hrs already... spend 3.5 hrs on the bus a day, can't blame me for being a uber nerd

DS is more for casual or light games, like mario bros and advanced wars and PSP is more for hardcore or darker games like FF tactics or KZ:L. Both are great when your on the go
PS360WII  +   2759d ago
DS has more hardcore darker games then the PSP. Don't be fooled by the marketing.
xplosneer  +   2759d ago
It's pretty much a tie. I'm going to take advantage of the $30.00 off a DS lite when I trade in an SP. It's only like a $20.00 loss anyways. Then I'll have both! Need some new PSP games too....LocoRoco still as addicting as ever, plan to pick up Patapon when it goes stateside.
Grinchy  +   2759d ago
i disagree
PSP owns every handheld going. Have spent the last couple of years not only playing psp games but also have redone: final fantasy 7,8 and 9. N64 games (cant explain how bizzare it looks to see the nintendo logo loading on the psp!), gameboy games, snes games, resident evil, gran turismo 2 plus countless others. Have also seen talk of a ds emulator coming for psp????!!! dont know how feasible it would be but if they can implement it then it will be hands down one of the best systems in history
ItsDubC  +   2759d ago
Even if the PSP were to emulate DS games, the lack of touchscreen would pose a significant problem for a lot of those games so ya, it may not be very feasible.

At $130, the DS is affordable enough to buy and not go through the hassle of trying to mess w/ emulation of its games on the PSP.
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Iceman100x  +   2758d ago
Is thisa joke topic
The psp is not a game system there for no competition, and anyone that thinks other wise has problems. There is no ds vs psp that was done years ago when Nintendo sold out everything that got in stock, and the psp is a movie music player not for games. Anything with a brain could see either way Nintendo always win in the dept so making a topic like this is meaningless, and if more than half a million system sold compared to a few mil isn't enough to tell anyone which is better then nothing will.
Shaka2K6  +   2758d ago
PSP ofcourse.
KingKirchner  +   2758d ago
TECHNICALLY if you look at all the wins, the PSP has one more win than the DS. However, I find them fairly equal. Also, why wasn't Jeanne D'Arc in the "Strategy" area for the top five?

They both have nice lineups this year too with
DS: Dragon Quest IX, Kingdom Hearts 385/2 days, Fire Emblem DS
PSP: God of War: Chains of the Olympus, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Crisis Core: FFVII

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