Plus XP: Bioshock Infinite: Sky-Lines, Heavy Hitters and Ripping open Reality

GuitarGirl24 from Plus XP writes: "It has been a while since I last sat here at my computer salivating over the glory that is Columbia. E3 brought us our first real taste of what we can expect from the newest Bioshock creation, and since that time a whole host of new videos have been released giving us even more insight into the new city and its inhabitants. To build hype for the latest release (which is expected October 16th 2012) Irrational Games have released a series of taster videos focusing on some of the more unique aspects of the game. To celebrate the release of these video gems, I have decided to journey into the world of Columbia once more and take a closer look at what new insight we now have into the latest grim alternate reality that is Bioshock Infinite. Grab your sky hook and come with me, what’s the worst that could happen…"

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