.hack//Versus – Hybrid Pack Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: The amazing folks over at Cyberconnect 2 are once again putting it down for .hack//Versus. It’s extremely rare that you get a full game and a movie on one disk…demo’s yes but full game no (at least to my memory).

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kevinsheeks1837d ago

omg a new hack :O omgggg im so excited

Godmars2901837d ago

Fighting game. Looks great, but its still a fighting game.

That comes with a movie.

kevinsheeks1837d ago

And suddenly my excited went to mild interest :(

Dante1121837d ago

Ah, .hack. Love playing those games. Can't wait for this one.

blackbirdi1837d ago

wish this came out here in europe

Jourdy2881836d ago

You know, I've always wondered what this series was like...