Medal of Honor Warfighter Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: EA is coming back in a big way with Medal of Honor Warfighter. It’s very rare that a military shooter captures my mind and won’t let go. From what I can tell Warfighter is taking everything EA learned from BF3 and kicked it up to 11.

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Dante1122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Dang, MoH looks GOOD! Was that the PC version or something? The gameplay was so clear and the graphics looked like a huge step up from past EA titles.

Fishy Fingers2408d ago

It's running on Frostbite 2, BF3s engine so graphics were never going to be anything but great. But yeah I imagine any captured footage will be done at its best, maxed on a PC.

TheSuperior 2408d ago

Cant wait to see more of this game. looks great and im loving the locations. the graphics look like they are going to be amazing :) looks like it will be better then the first one