Space Siege: GameSpy Hands-On - 'robotic badassery.. a thing of beauty'

GameSpy: "The developers are working hard to streamline the action-RPG gameplay. There's almost no inventory management; everything you destroy or loot falls apart into "scrap." Pressing the "Z" button automatically grabs all the scrap in the room and transfers it to your inventory, so you hardly have to slow down.

Returning to a town to sell stuff is almost completely gone. Instead, you can use scrap to upgrade your weapons at special upgrade stations. Going along with the simplicity theme, Space Siege does away with the idea of classes. Your character has a deep skill tree that you can explore as you see fit, depending on your combat style.

Speaking of robotic badassery, we can't leave out your robotic companion. Players will be able to build and customize a robotic pal. The unit is mostly autonomous, although you can give it basic commands ("clear the room"). Using scrap, you can start to outfit your digital buddy with various weapons. In the demo, we mounted twin chainguns onto our plastic pal who's fun to be with: on entering a room full of aliens, the robot whirled around on its torso, chaingunning in all directions. It was a thing of beauty."

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