Community Created Lord Tensai Looks Awesome In WWE '12

Lord Tensai made his debut/return to the WWE the day after WrestleMania 28. It didn't take long for WWE fans to create a highly accurate character model of him in WWE '12.

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Relientk772440d ago

Oh hey look its Prince Albert/Albert/A-Train.... whoops I mean Lord Tensai :)

Dante1122440d ago

Lol, wow. He really does look like Lord Tensai. Gave me a good laugh.

BiggCMan2440d ago

I was watching Raw last week, and during his match the crowd starting cheering "ALLLLBERT!!! ALLLLLBERT!!! ALLLLLBERT!!!" I started laughing like crazy. Honestly, as lame as WWE has gotten over the years, this is probably the dumbest character I've seen

2440d ago
belal2440d ago

even though he looks awesome, why not just make him return as a train? would have been awesome.

Regent_of_the_Mask2439d ago

You'd have to wait for him to regrow all of the hair on his back first or it just wouldn't be the same.