Ubisoft: Haze not delayed until March, to be released in January-February

January 07, 2008 - Ubisoft has confirmed to Ars that the title is expected to land before March.

Ubisoft Montreal's Audrey-Ann Milot told Ars in an email that the company had "decided to postpone the release" to "put the final touches to the game," and that the game is still slated to be released in "January-February 2008."

- Frank Caron

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Vip3r3878d ago

I hope this is true. March seems too far off to have to wait.

Prismo_Fillusion3878d ago

I've heard a lot of negative stuff about this game, and not too many positive things. Maybe Ubisoft improved shtuffs before the release though...

predator3878d ago

i say pass judgement when you play it/rent it, its not like its not in good hands is it? Free Radical know what they are doing

Korosuke3878d ago

Lots of tiny negative stuffs are blown away by the one big fact. That is this game is developed by Free Radical, not internal dev of UBI.
I hope I'm not wrong.

MK_Red3878d ago

I've heard the same stuff and generally negative impressions BUT Uglygreen said it all:
"game is developed by Free Radical" :)
And indeed, hopefully the can deliever and make a game worthy of their name.

THX71683878d ago

There are many people that think this is going to be the "Halo Killer." In terms of sales I highly doubt that considering that Halo is unbelievably over-hyped. In terms of game play, story, graphics, etc. I'm sure it will be. Hell, any game is a Halo killer in that department.

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Jamegohanssj53878d ago

I'm just ready for the game to come out, then I want to see the scores that it get. When I first heard about this game I was going to get it and I still am.

mikeslemonade3878d ago

Haze should come with the Killzone 2 beta . It's the PS3's Crackdown in terms of release date.

mighty_douche3878d ago

i want the killzone beta bad but i dont want to be forced to buy a game i dont want just for it. The beta will be FREE!

Sony wont do a M$ and rip people off.

WAR_MACHINE773878d ago

its not like that practice was created by MS. Remember why so many people bought zone of the enders? Thats right! The MGS2 demo was packed in. I really don't see a problem with exploiting gullibility. If you spent $60 for a game you didn't want just to get a beta invite then you deserved to be taken advantage of.

Skerj3878d ago

I bought ZoE for ZoE D: and ZoE2 as well, it's like one of the most beautiful PS2 games ever.

WAR_MACHINE773877d ago

so did I but the demo sealed the deal, and you have to admit that MGS2 demo did bring the numbers up.

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Neurotoxin3878d ago

I shall make a call on this.

It's going to be sh*t. My opinion so please don`t get all defensive, you are entitled to think that its going to be good/bad.

mikeslemonade3878d ago

I'm also entitled to disagree and neg you. Smart ass...

Neurotoxin3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Fair enough ;).

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