OXMUK: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Review

OXMUK writes: A huge, complex and expertly written RPG that has the capacity to consume weeks, maybe even months of your life. While its roots are on the PC, it's translated effortlessly to the Xbox 360 with no compromises and stacks up well against the prettiest games on the system. It's more hardcore than Skyrim but by no means inaccessible.

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NYC_Gamer2349d ago

Keep the solid scores coming :)

TheXgamerLive2349d ago

I've seen several solid 10/10's, a 9.6 and 9.0, the scores are true to life of a complete title. The Witcher 2.
I took 2 days off from work to jump into this.

C'mon tuesday:)

violentheart2349d ago

U may need the whole week bro

violentheart2349d ago

If u disagree atleast explain

CommonSense2349d ago

i didn't agree or disagree, but what is there to explain? doesn't the disagree explain it all? they don't think it's goty. pretty straight forward.

plus, Halo 4 comes out this year...i haven't played either game, but i think it's safe to say that halo 4 will be received pretty well...

Aloren2349d ago

I played the witcher 2 last year on pc. Great game. But I still prefer mass effect 3. And Halo 4 could also be xbox goty this year. It's not like the game is so good that there's no competition.

lover20122349d ago

good reviews so far
hope you guys enjoy it
i finished it 3 times on my pc
awesome game
support it well

starchild2349d ago

One of the best games I have ever played.