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Dante1122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Sony did good, nice (337k). Everyone did pretty good. Glad to see that. Also, neogaf have figured out the Vita numbers for anyone wondering about that. It sold 200-225k, WAY higher than the predicted 125k by analyst. I'll get the link. "This gone be good".


Edit: Lol, why the disagrees? XD

Abash2408d ago

As much as people may like to deny, the PS3 has great sales in every region.

Dante1122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Word. People were dogging Sony pretty hard in their article with thier PR statement (Wonder if any will show up?). Glad to see them doing so well in the USA. Glad to see the Vita having done so well as well, people on neogaf are going crazy about the numbers lol.

sikbeta2408d ago


PS3 has been selling well since the Slim release, no one can deny that, but when you point out something, you can ditch other things, so PS3 is selling really well and X360 is selling better, nothing wrong with that

slutface2408d ago

and ps3 is the most expensive console on the market...people fail to realize has done a commendable job selling the ps3!!!

BubloZX2408d ago

I think the Vita is doing better then people like to think. Its only in japan where the 3DS really curb stomps the Vita. I mean it sold 100k in one week in japan alone compared to the 9,000-12,000 vitas sold every week there. Sony needs to focus on the Vita over there because its doing fine in the West.

Machioto2408d ago

It's because the launch of vita and its games was more for the west than being a balanced of east an west.

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cynosure2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Both the 360 and PS3 didnt do that well and sold less then last month.I think the 360 will probably get a price cut at E3 and sales will pick up again.
If those are the vita sales then they are ok but they will drop off next month.It still early adopters buying seeing it launched half way through February.Like Japan it will do good at the start and then drop hard.
3DS is doing great considering how long its been out
Sonys PR in relation to North American sales is a joke and deserves to be ridiculed.If they had a pair they would tell us what they sold

lover20122408d ago

so ps3 in USA sold 337k and xbox360 sold 371k
WOW it almost neck and neck in usa
good job sony and good numbers for psvita
can't wait to see Worldwide sales

ElementX2408d ago

If you look at the numbers, the PS3 is an estimate. Without numbers from Sony, we'll never know the truth.

BubloZX2408d ago

Read the article. Its a very very accurate estimate.

lover20122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )


i agree
not only that psvita did great in usa
ps3 also is doing very good in usa
with only 30k gap in sales in xbox home
it almost neck and neck
ps3 is gaining momentum in usa
based on NPD numbers :.
February 2012:
360: 42%
PS3: 36%
WII: 22%

March 2012:
360: 42%
PS3: 38%
WII: 20%

there is no single place in the world
where ps3 is not selling very good in it

as for the disagrees you have for your comment
don't give a damn about them
since when agrees or disagrees will change facts ???

ps3 is just dominating worldwide sales
and now it's doing very very good in NPD and that's the only place where xbox is ahead of ps3 and when they say the gap in hardware sales are only 30k
that's will always give fanboys hard time

otherZinc2407d ago

I believe its what analysts predicted. If the Vita sales were next to 3DS SONY would have said something.

SONY more than likely told NPD not to include Vita sales in their summary because they know those sales are terrible.

If not, why not publish the sales numbers.

Also, for a new handheld, Vita should be blowing the 3DS away! Those are not good numbers for a new product.

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LX-General-Kaos2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Nintendo has done a fine job this month overall with the sales of the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. Its nice to see that America is still in touch with the handheld movement even though the sales lean more toward home consoles. The Elite Nintendo gamers of American soil have done a mighty fine job in keeping the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system in the #1 position in America, and worldwide as the leading handheld.

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system is a true future proof device with bleeding edge tech, AAA quality Nintendo exclusive titles, dual screens for complete battlefield control at all times, all for a very low affordable price tag. A combination of that magnitude is powerful enough to bring any grown man, woman, child, or pet to their knees. Bringing the true gamer out in all of us.

A special thank you to Nintendo for creating such a successful powerhouse of a handheld with the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. Also thank you to the Nintendo supporters that put their trust in Nintendo and continue to invest in Nintendo hardware and software. Have a great day and happy gaming.

My Donkey Kong Country baseball cap is also tipped in favor of Microsoft and the xbox 360 for dominating the American charts once again. Not bad at all for a 7 year old gaming console. And may they continue the monthly streak.

Rated E For Everyone

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Mikhail2408d ago

Congrats to the Big 3. I just dont want those Apple Fanatics takeover the gaming world. Unless they make some AAA games every month.

TheUnbiasedLion2408d ago

I would say congrats but when you see drops like that it's never good.

Still I guess they can't complain and the way some 360 articles were going on about being number console in the US for march, they made it sound like they outsold ps3 by like 100k haha.

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