Retro Hires 3D Realms/Gearbox Staffer

Retro have been on a hiring spree of late, which while it sounds exciting, it takes a long time to make a game. If we are lucky we may see the fruits of their labours by E3 2013. In the meantime Retro may have something for this year, as they’ve been working on something for a while!

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LX-General-Kaos2411d ago

More great news for Nintendo. Nintendo has been on a role as of late, picking up talent left and right to join the Nintendo family. Retro stuidos is well known for developing AAA quality Nintendo blockbusters. I am looking forward to see what type of treat us Nintendo supporters are in store for.

Exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

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portal_22410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I feel embarrassed reading your posts, tone it down. Also Nintendo need to earn loyal Nintendo gamers respect again after the Wii or they may as well wave bye bye to their hardcore recapture plans.

OT Metroid Prime was one the best games I've ever played, it should be interesting to see if/how they expand the franchise (ie not Metroid Other M).

PygmelionHunter2410d ago

Lol, if anything, Nintendo has wayyy too many loyal followers and Other M actually added more to the story than all 3 Prime games combined, though I still prefer the Prime series, Other M was refreshing, short game yet sweet.

--Onilink--2410d ago

i wonder... clearly many people feel the same about his posts and yet any "negative" comment made about it end up with a huge amount of disagrees... i just find it hard to believe that so many people defend your weird posts (this one in particular is actually pretty normal)

swice2410d ago

I like your posts.

While they are out of the norm, and strange, I still like them for unknown reasons.

@ portal_2
Embarrassed? Why?

Based on Retro's track-history so far, anything from them should be a WIN. I'm excited

LX-General-Kaos2410d ago

Maybe he believes hes my father..

As long as he has an amazing time with Nintendo exclusives, and supports the movement of Nintendo exclusive developer Retro Studios. No problems with me.

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dark-hollow2410d ago

Retro studios. One of the examples being first party could actually benefit the developers.

In their early times, they were developing four games for the gamecube in a chaotic matter.

Nintendo sat them straight, gave them one game only to focus at the time, and hence the metroid series revival was created.

Keep up the good work, retro.

Venox20082410d ago

Retro games are one of the best devs I know.. sure they didn't make a lot of games, but those what they made are masterpieces... Metroid prime trilogy & Donkey kong country: returns.. interesting what are they making now.. I WANT NEW METROID PRIME 3DS and new for Wii U! :)

--Onilink--2410d ago

you can also add co-development of Mario Kart 7. They designed a lot of the tracks

CaptainN2410d ago

Retro/Nintendo are going crazy lately hiring everyone LOL. I think its good, but its so weird to hear Nintendo going on a hiring spree. I just hope all this new talent doesn't affect the current talent and spread the resources to thin. They must have some massive plans at Retro to be hiring all these free agent talents. Hopefully Wii-U will get some very hardcore games coming from Retro. I wish them nothing but the best and can't wait to see what gems they bring to the table.

Ck1x2410d ago

Just because they are on a hiring spree what does this have to do with launch software for the console being ready? Retro already had over 100 members and maybe these new hires are to form a second larger team for an additional project... I fully expect Retro to have something ready at or near the launch window. simply because they haven't had any major projects in their stable for some time and I'm pretty sure Retro were one of the very first teams to get every iteration of the wiiu devkit possible. As this is the company that I'm truly expecting to showcase what the system is capable of in Nintendo's camp

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