PlayStation Blogcast 020: StarDrone-ing on about Starhawk & Dust 514

PlayStation Blog: With Sid and Rey off in New York for a media event, Nick and I elucidate the upcoming PS3, PSN, and PS Vita new release schedule for the week of April 16th. We also select a new PSN Gem of the week, share user tips, answer your questions, and talk about weird old PS2 games. Sid reports in from NYC with revealing interviews on Starhawk and Dust 514, painfully unaware of the unspeakably horrible things we were doing to his desk chair.

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lover20122435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

starhawk beta
was incredible can't wait for the game

r212435d ago

starhawk beta was indeed awesome.....but starhawk full game will be epicly awesome.

S_C2435d ago

cant wait for both games

Virtual_Reality2435d ago

DUST 514, most anticipated game on PSN.