Chris Jericho To Make His Return In A Future WWE Game

After being MIA in WWE '12, THQ has promised that Chris Jericho will return in a future WWE video game. It's more than likely now he will be in WWE '13.

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Relientk771774d ago

I would hope so, since hes back in WWE. He's awesome.

hiredhelp1774d ago

Hes a jerk talking trash has no respect.

BALLARD321773d ago

You know that's his job, right? He's playing a character. Jericho is my all time favorite.

AusRogo1773d ago

They get paid to act like that lol.

nemesiscw1773d ago

Well, he's doing his job as a heel quite nicely.

Relientk771773d ago

I bet u like all the "new wrestlers" on the roster

Y2J is amazing, I dont think u understand. Maybe you're just too young and must have missed the Attitude Era

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-Ninja-1773d ago

I preferred the WWF over this junk. These days the 'superstars' spend 80% of the time trash talking (with horrible acting), they should just STFU and fight each other ffs. I only watched this junk because The Undertaker is still on it, but since he has gone hick biker fool again, i wont be watching it anymore.

hiredhelp1773d ago

I agree ninja wwf was more real, non this bad acting crap match fixing.

Gitaroo1773d ago

Future WWE game? Is THQ even doing to last that long?