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Capcom Wants You To Pay $70-80 For Resident Evil 6

Nerd Reactor is irked by Capcom's recently announced move to give one Mercenaries mode map to three different retailers, thus forcing customers to choose which two maps they're okay with not having, and/or forcing them to buy them later as DLC if they want the whole experience. They rant a bit about why that's not a great idea. (Capcom, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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wiggles  +   831d ago
That's just horrible for us. I hope that they at least have the courtesy to give us a decent amount of merc maps out of the box. My biggest fear is that we get only 2-3 including the store bonus map. I know that people wouldn't have to buy the other two, but it would really be sticking it to us.

I hope we don't move into the next generation anytime soon, I'm not looking forward to paying $70-80 for a game
StanSmith  +   831d ago
What bothers me about these stupid pre-order bonuses is that they divide the online community on release.

It wouldn't be so bad if it was something like exclusive single player costumes and weapons/early unlocks (although it still would be stupid) that don't effect online.

Scamcom strikes again!
solidjun5  +   831d ago
I think Scamcom has been horrible this generation.
I want this game but I'll wait for some time to pass to get it.
I'm just hoping there's no online pass. :-/
Awesome_Gamer  +   830d ago
What did you exepct? it's Crapcom guys..
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Vitalogy  +   830d ago
And then they wonder why is not selling well at lauch... I'm sure that lots of people, me included, doesn't mind to wait a few months to get the game at half the price or even less. Since I have the PS3 I haven't bought a single game at launch and got some great deals just because I waited a couple months.
vickers500  +   830d ago
I don't care for mercenary mode. I played it a few times in Resident Evil 5, but I didn't like it.

That said, just because of that bullsh*t tactic, if the game doesn't have an online pass, I'm definitely buying it used.
SilentNegotiator  +   830d ago
What a bunch of morons. Even we can see that this will divide the online community.
miyamoto  +   830d ago
Ever since they made Evil Ryu they became evil too.
Knew something like this is coming from Crapcom.

Time to let your voices be heard folks!

Wait for the Ultimate Gold Edition at the bargain bin.

But then again Capcom is in extreme pressure from big American publishers like Activision & EA.
Think Win Win people specially for your selves.
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awi5951  +   830d ago
guys just go play dead space 2 if you havent or go back and play dead space they are both better than and RE since 4.
crxss  +   830d ago
well this was to be expected.

catacombs sounds the worse, like that RE5 underground level.

high seas fortress and rail yard seem to be the coolest... will most likely pre-order from Amazon or Best Buy
kesvalk  +   830d ago
merc maps out of the box? you silly. This is for the locked out DLC in the disc...

$10 for the mode.
then two map packs $5 each.
and two skins for use on single player only for $15.
die_fiend  +   830d ago
Ha, probably about right. Capcom are an absolute disgrace for this sort of behaviour. The greediest company by a long shot. Thankfully they only make a couple of worthwhile games so we don't get stung like this all year round
DeadlyFire  +   830d ago
We shouldn't be paying more than $50 bucks a game. If they are locking down games to accounts next gen. We should only be paying $20 bucks a game.

Disc prices are not going to skyrocket in one year. Blu-Ray will still be Blu-Ray and that has sold well for $60 a game.

As far as the bonus maps go. I am sticking with not buying from a store with bonus map.
Philoctetes  +   830d ago
Personally, I just don't care. RE6 is the sort of game I'll definitely play at some point, but probably not until it drops down to the $30 price point or so. And I'm not interested in mercs.
FredEffinChopin  +   830d ago
You'll care when the precedent that Capcom sets is something that becomes accepted industry-wide because of complacent consumers, making YOUR games rip you off as well.

Seriously people, is this not enough? Stop buying their effing games already! If you keep acting like a mark they'll continue to treat you like one.
DonnieDarko  +   830d ago
Philoctetes  +   830d ago
@FredEffinChopin -- I understand where you're coming from. I'm still pissed over the From Ashes DLC for ME3, which I refused to buy on principle. It's just that RE6 in general and RE6 mercs in particular is a low priority for me, partly because I fully expect Capcom to nickle and dime people who buy their products.
dazzrazz  +   831d ago
Oh Capcom, that's why I'll buy ur game used or if retail price drops to $30 ! Sorry but I don't like being fucked in ass over and over by publishers
Sony360  +   830d ago
Dear everyone who supported Activision by paying more for the recent COD games:

We have you to thank for this emerging pattern.
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SuperStrokey1123  +   830d ago
No we doing at all. COD games have NEVER had a promo like this. Hate COD all though want but at least make sense in your arguments.
RustInPeace  +   830d ago
Read and back go you don't why wrote what you & sense to try make your argument of...
SuperStrokey1123  +   830d ago
hahaha, oh dear thats hilarious...
sikbeta  +   831d ago
lol @ Capcom, don't worry, I'll pick the game new when it hits the bargain bin price XD
Raoh  +   831d ago
LOL pass
spunnups  +   831d ago
this is complete garbage and crapcom arent the inly ones doing it
die_fiend  +   830d ago
True but they're the worst by a cuntry mile
ShinraE5  +   831d ago
Wow. This has to be a major d*ck move, even for capcom standards. I can wait till this hits the used games market so the difference in what I pay for the maps is covered.

I would have bought this on day 1 new if it wasnt for this bs.
rmedtx  +   831d ago
ahh, no!... Sorry but in that case I will wait until it drops the price.
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majiebeast  +   831d ago
Retail exclusive stuff and region exclusive stuff for that matter just need to get buried fast. Arkham city was the worst the game had like 15 types of retail,product dlc and even if you did buy the CE you didnt even get 25% of that dlc.

The only retail exclusive stuff i would endorse would be physical items but nothing that is already on the disc i just bought for 50-60$
Ok Capcom, I' m going to preorder RE6 then.

SKUD  +   831d ago
Standard pricing for games now. No surprises there.
Psycho_Mantis  +   831d ago
Well fuck you too Capcom!


...........well okay. But just because i LOVE Resident evil. But of course, how selfish of us fans. Lets do all the things you wanna do! >:(
Bonerboy  +   831d ago
And so they should. Production costs keep going up and up to stay competitive as well as to appease the endless whining masses who want more and more and more out of each game. I am surprised they are as cheap as they are.
StanSmith  +   831d ago
Can't tell if serious?

If you are being serious though, tell me what it's like being everyone's bitch?
Ashunderfire86  +   830d ago
@ Bonerboy LMAO!!!

Ouch!!!! Being the bitch is not cool. Yea production cost goes way up we know that, and yet for multiplatform games the PC version at times, will be $10 dollars($50) less or the same price with more content than the console version. Games sites like Steam and Origin will sell them for way cheaper during their black friday or end of the year deals. one good example, Dead Island came out in September, then in November I got it for $14 dollars!!!!(2 months!!!) Man what a deal LOL!!!!

What I am trying to say is I don't know why they can't lower the prices of games. I just thought cheaper would lead to more people buying their games, benefiting game companies. Back when 2K made NFL 2K5 they release it for $20 dollars and a lot of people bought the game. If games were like $40 dollars cheaper than used games won't even be an issue like it is today for game companies. Itunes can sell music albums for $9 dollars, Kindle could sell ebooks for $3 dollars or less(an even free), and DVD movies could be sold for $20 to $30 dollars. Why can't the gaming industry lower the price and still make a profit like other forms of entertainment?

I remember when games from the older generation of systems(N64, Sega, and Sega Saturn) were $70 dollars to even $100 dollars? I am talking to you Sega and Nintendo!!! Ridiculous amount of money yet, months later the standard price was lowered down to $50 dollars. Production cost were up like now too with games went from 2D to 3D. Now developers are nickle and diming us with DLCs on disc? When DLC was first made during the original Xbox days, they were not abused so much as now, and its getting out of hand.
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Nitrox  +   830d ago
@ Ashunderfire86

"and DVD movies could be sold for $20 to $30 dollars. Why can't the gaming industry lower the price and still make a profit like other forms of entertainment?"

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for DVD prices to drop THAT low... lol
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Bonerboy  +   821d ago
HAHAHA Awesome! -29 is a beautiful number to go along with being "everyone's bitch".

All these disagree folks are the publisher's/dev's bitches for constantly whining about every aspect of each release, and yet will still be the very first in line to shell out for the next rehash of CODs etc. If anything says "bitch" its these "I gotta have it" people.

Too expensive? Then dont BUY it. Go find something else to do with your time. But then what else would they do with their lives? Read? nah. Socialize? feh. Some other cool hobby? nope, thats all for fags right?

The prices are high because twats like you will pay out for it over and over again.

You all would do the same if it were your business...but then again, you all probably wouldnt like to make money, because wanting to turn a large profit is a stupid business model. You are just pissy because you're the one paying out.

A planet of morons.
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slayorofgods  +   831d ago
Just a reminder.... Video games cost $60 new.. Something is terribly wrong with this model to begin with.
manitobawpg  +   831d ago
mortal kombat was 70 - 80 on release.
PirateThom  +   830d ago
Why are they that price though?

It's definitely not because they're selling so few units they need to recoup the losses.

Fact is, people will pay whatever price is on the thing, they won't wait and they won't shop around for better prices.

At that point, publishers then start to sneak prices up, slowly, but surely, testing the water each time, dealing with backlash until... people just accept it, then repeat.
Voxelman  +   830d ago
Not to mention due to inflation what was $60 in 2005 is $69.94 in today's money. $50 in 2001 is $64.31 today.
soundslike  +   830d ago
OK Ayn Rand
Mythicninja  +   831d ago
....I'll be sitting here in my living rom waiting for them to suck on my johnson
FinaLXiii  +   831d ago
They will charge you for it lol
labaronx  +   830d ago
M83_  +   831d ago
And I'm 70-80% sure I want Capcom to go fuck themselves.
LOGICWINS  +   831d ago
Ace_Pheonix  +   831d ago
Huh. I don't think anyone cares that much for RE any more. The last really good one was Code Veronica in my opinion. 4 was great, but it was the beginning of changing it into a totally different series. And story wise, all they do now is change the letter of what they call the virus. Without really much of an explanation.
GillHarrison  +   831d ago
Resident Evil 5 sold 7.77 million copies, I guess that means no one gives a shit.
Wumbo  +   830d ago
Resident evil 4 was a step in the right direction... What are you talking about? lol?

Capcom started screwing up royally after the release of Resident evil 5.
dragon82  +   830d ago
The games that came before RE4 were the best in the series. You know, back when it was a "SURVIVAL HORROR" game and not an action game with zombies in it.

That being said, I have two copies of RE6 on pre-order already. One for me and one for my wife.
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Sevir  +   830d ago
Dragon82, you are Sooo right!
back then it was about Surviving horrible camera angels, insanely crippling control schemes and design choices! finishing the game under that design definitely felt life surviving!

Lets be quite honest here! The story was the things to write home about with the RE franchise! RE back then was slow and aggravating and it really made no sense for characters like the Stars and special agents to move slower than molasses on a winter morning with something equally as slow like a zombie! about the only scary about that was the fact that Capcom intentionally crippled your movements to instill tension and scare!

People these days are holding on to game designs that have long be outdated especially by today's standards!

On topic! Resident evil Started out as a Single player experience! So this Shit with the DLC that Capcom has been doing charging insanely high prices for stuff that's already on disc should matter to you if you weren't going to buy it in the first place!!! I don't play RE for competitive multiplayer so this doesn't bother me and really DLC has to be worth it and frankly This isn't so i'll be buying the game without these extra optional add ons... or you can wait for the Gold Edition which they will definitely release 9 months later with everything they release throughout the time its on retail shelves! So its negligent!
rezzah  +   831d ago
There is an easy way around this.
Almir908  +   831d ago
So scamcom strikes again. 1300 dollars for the collectors edition and now we should pay an addition for mercenary's? Fuck that shit. Im buying this game used for 30 dollars so the price may even out because I'm not getting rip off by them. And I hope this game does not get many sales either.
Ashunderfire86  +   831d ago
I reserved Resi 6 on Amazon. I am getting some fortress map for the Amazon offer. I say big deal CAPCON(it sounds better than Crapcom), gave us those other maps for free!!! or face an online petition from some angry fans. Just ask Bioware what happens if a game company goes to far with DLCs. Hey Capcom just be Capcom, not CAPCON!!!!
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cheetorb  +   831d ago
Pfft...just wait a couple weeks after release and find it for $40-$30 bucks like every other game. No biggie. You can even check out what people are saying about it before buying, WHOA! What a concept!!!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   831d ago
Honestly, I wish everyone would just NOT buy it. People will, based on name recognition alone, but we need to send them a message.
andron666  +   830d ago
I waiting for RE6 Gold edition, I learned my lesson with RE5...
matt1991  +   830d ago
And this is the reason ppl buy used games insted of new ones.
tweet75  +   830d ago
Id be willing to pay $70 if it got conisistenly perfect scores and was one of the greatest games of all time in all aspects
AllroundGamer  +   830d ago
one blank duallayer DVD is all i need... and many people will do the same, Capcom you are going down!
WeskerChildReborned  +   830d ago
Some people might disagree but i think this is worse than Activision releasing COD each year with no new engine. Seriously wtf Capcom, at least be loyal instead of being greedy. DLC on disks and now overpriced games?
dorron  +   830d ago
$80 for the game and then...DLC...LOL Count me out till there's a GOTY for 20€.
kesvalk  +   830d ago
ridiculous, with this price tag plus the disc locked content they are already cashing in more than $100...

capcom can kiss my ass, gonna keep playing indie games until this big name idiots get their act together.
Soldierone  +   830d ago
Game looks awesome, but this is why I cancelled my pre-order....the whole locking out content on the disc, then Cacpcom says its completely okay to do it, cancelled my pre-order that day. You want me to pay 70 dollars for a game? Cool, you can want whatever you want, and I can NOT buy whatever I want, works for both of us.
ShinnokDrako  +   830d ago
Tsk... why am i not surprised? It's Capcom, after all. I'm going to wait for a full compilation gold whatever €30/40 max
TheLastGuardian  +   830d ago
I spent $90 total on RE5. I bought the game day 1 for $60, bought Lost in Nightmares for $5, then I traded my copy and $25 for a used copy of RE5 Gold Edition so I could get all the DLC and Move support. Bit of a ripoff, but I really enjoyed RE5 and it's DLC. I'll probably wait for a price drop before buying RE6.
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