Videogamer: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Review

Videogamer writes:

"Never let it be said that Capcom doesn't try to look after its hardcore fans. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles will have every Resident Evil fan salivating at the mouth, twitching in anticipation and experiencing all those other bodily reactions we go on about when we're excited about a game. It's a shame then that while UC is decent fun and one of the better-looking titles on the Wii it feels as if it could have been a whole lot better."

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wiizy3994d ago

it still a good game.. and im sure it made capcom enough money so they can keep bringing games to the wii

PS360WII3994d ago

Fun game for sure. It's a great mix of light gun game and Resident Evil and that turns out to be a great idea. It's long too which is different from basically all light gun games as well. Good buy.