Review: Xenoblade Chronicles revitalises the JRPG genre -

Xenoblade Chronicles has found a balance and altered the typical JRPG formula just enough to modernize and revitalize it, but has also allowed the title to retain the quirky charm that makes this kind of video game so endearing.

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phantomexe2409d ago

terrible? I haven't gotten on my PS3 in 3 days because of xenoblade. I love the game and it's not a norm for me to be on the wii this long.Wish it showed tropys achievements online tho but its all part of the wii limitation.Great game tho

Two_Sheds_Jackson2409d ago

terrible review is what I am saying

pat_11_52409d ago

Just out of curiosity, what's so terrible about it?

Thanks for commenting and getting it ranked higher by the way.

pat_11_52409d ago

It's actually a really good game. Xenoblade Chronicles is probably the best RPG I've played in a really, really long time.