Discussion: Where Next For The Legend of Zelda? (Results)

Last week, Nintendo Fans Online asked you where you thought The Legend of Zelda series was heading next. You've given your arguments and responses. And we're back with you're results...

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Jirachi2439d ago

honestly what ever they do i hope the let us use a horse or pegaus boots again(alttp) becuase so far the other methods of travel they have tried resorted to anchoring you to said method of travel(to be fair the games that had this it was pretty much the only thing i disliked in the game)

Xof2438d ago

Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! A green-clad orphan with pointy ears will kill a bunch of monsters with a mystical sword while traipsing through forest, mountain, desert and water-themed dungeons in order to rescue a blonde-haired pointy-haired princess named Zelda!

Jirachi2438d ago

That sounds like tp but i can't tell if you were mocking it or saying those ideas were good. if it's the latter please don't mock tp they did try to add new ideas to the game weither or not you consider it enough they did try.

If it's the former then ignore this post.

Xof2438d ago

I'm neither mocking nor applauding the formula. The ideas are archetypal: how good or ill they are is dependent entirely upon their execution.

The Zelda franchise has become so conservative (others might say stagnant) in recent years that it seems beyond silly to wonder what "where next?" We know WHERE the series is going: what we don't know is HOW.