Kinect Update for Skyrim Will Be Xbox 360 Only For Now, No Plans for Windows Support | DualShockers

When we heard earlier that Skyrim would be receiving Kinect support in an upcoming update a lot of people were curious if the update would be applied to the PC version of the game as well using Kinect for Windows. Unfortunately we’ve received official comment that for now Kinect support is going to be an Xbox 360 exclusive affair with no current plans for Windows support.

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360GamerFG2410d ago

Biggest install base for SKYRIM gets first dibs, understandable.

BlackBusterCritic2410d ago

PC gamers don't care about Kinect. We've had the technology for YEARS. If we wanted it, it would have taken off on PC already. But in the end, the PC community has found much better uses for Kinect than what its used for on Xbox360. Truly a waste.

Shadonic2410d ago

PC gamers themselves made better kinect controls for games than big name developers have. When i first read this article i thought it would be like the video i embed but now im partially saddened.

Machioto2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I'm not sure I would say better other then the voice command,the actual movement and interaction looks terrible,I've seen most of his videos and all attempts of refine controls make it look like your doing tai chi.

&en that link wasn't valid enough as to why it can't be done because Sony has ps vr,if anyone seen the video only thing that is require is a mic, possible reasons are,Ms paid them or to much hassle to get it working on the ps3.

@red yes,because kinect is super duper innovative and every game past,present,future has kinect implementation and they sell half a million units in 5 seconds /s.

TheGameFoxJTV2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

We don't need a kinect to do it. We've been able to use voice commands since the first or 2nd week the game was out. lol

This is Marcus BTW.

GraveLord2410d ago

Lame. Would be much more accurate with Move.(Although both pale in comparison to a controller)

TheGameFoxJTV2410d ago

What? How could saying WORDS be more accurate with move when the move doesn't pick up words? lol

_Aarix_2410d ago

Im sure skyrim nuts will buy kinect for this if they havent already. Many probaby yell at the tv anyway.

cynosure2410d ago

Kinect would be great with Skyrim

Shadonic2410d ago

been done 4 months ago just hasent gathered enough interest because of gamers current view of kinect so basically its being shown it can do hardcore but no ones giveing it any attention. I hope they add kinect controls.

360ICE2410d ago

What about PS3 support? It's just a damn voice command update with an extra gimmick.

Now, I love kinect as much as the next guy, but I don't love having a motion tracking camera as a microphone. Feature looks all right though.

enfestid2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Not possible via traditional mics. Kinect handles the voice recognition. This has been discussed many times on N4G.

Edit: First article I found that explains why --

TheGamingArt2410d ago

* Sigh *.. I'm in the dev program for Move... it is by far VERY possible. I'm sic of hearing that BS excuse.

PixL2410d ago

Lol, you really believe this bullshit? Voice recognition has nothing to do with Kinect. It's a library in Xbox memory.

Mustang300C20122410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

People are not buying games for Move now and haven't been why does eveytimemsomthing for Kinect is available we hear the complaints about Move? It isn't as popular as Kinect and publishers, devs and MS know this. It is an optional update to a device whether you have it or not. If it was cost/time effective to just simply use a head set they would have. Honestly what incentive would MS want to have it for head sets when they are trying to sell a product. DUH

SilentNegotiator2410d ago

That's a load of crap. For starters, Kinect's processor is a simple applications processor; if you seriously think ps3 doing that extra bit would overload it, you're nuts. Second, ps3 ALSO has a development environment for VC.

These are under the table deals with Microsoft.

Frankfurt2410d ago

Kinect has a chip that does all the recognition BY ITSELF. To do the same on PC and PS3, devs need to write the code and use PS3/PC resources (PS3 can't even do cross-game chat or load correctly without slowdowns, you think there's enough RAM to do voice recognition in a game like Skyrim?) to do it. With Kinect, the recognition is ALREADY IMPLEMENTED.


SilentNegotiator2410d ago


Like I said:

ps3 ALSO has a development environment for VC.

It's BUILT IN to the development environment. Implementation would be just as easy.

enfestid2410d ago

At everyone whining: OK, you go get me a known multiplatform developer to corroborate what you're saying. While I may have misspoke in saying it's "not possible," it would be far more difficult to implement via traditional microphones. It would require more development and money, which isn't much of an option.

But, hey... I bet BioWare and Bethesda are totally full of it. They're clearly lying.

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andron2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Do you really need Kinect to shout at your Skyrim, why not just use a mic? I thought a mic headset was standard with the 360?

this sounds like a lame attempt at pushing the Kinect when it's not really needed...

enfestid2410d ago

Quoting my previous post above: Not possible via traditional mics. Kinect handles the voice recognition. This has been discussed many times on N4G.

andron2410d ago

I hear people saying that but Move also has voice recognition. Also games like Tom Clancy's EndWar and Binary Domain had voice recognition on both platforms without any Move or Kinect.

So is it's any wonder people question if MS has worked behind the scenes to make this Kinect exclusive just to push their Kinect hardware?...

Mustang300C20122410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Kinect is well known so it isn't a lame attempt. A separate team was working on this feature to bring it to the 360. You gotta love the whiners about a product they don't want but then are concern about pushing a device or features. If this was the Move we would be hearing you all excited about it just like you decided to point out in your post above. If. It was a lame attempt then it should be just as equally a lame attempt if it was coming to the Move in the first place.

Even if MS did work some the Fu*k what if they did. No different than any other deals made in the past like exclusive charcters for Vita. Welcome to the business world vote with your damn wallet and don't look back Some of you need to grow up whining and actually just play games and be happy with what you can play/afford.

andron2410d ago

I'm not complaining about a free update, that is great for Kinect owners.

But don't those Skyrim players who are left out have any right to question why, or the motives behind it?

PC players have mods so it's not so bad, but PS3 Skyrim players get a bum deal again. First Skyrim lag, 360 timed DLC exclusivity and now they are missing out on voice commands...

Machioto2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

There are no complaints just that some devs beating around the bush acting like this feature is solely possible with kinect.

@andro there were all ready problems on the ps3 so any more tampering might worsen it.

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Tai_Kaliso2410d ago

People need to stop crying over this. Its been said by a couple of different developers now that Kinect does all the work for the voice commands.

You would have had to write code for it work with a headset and headsets never work right for commands anyway. Endwar was a perfect example of a good idea like voice commands, but the headset just wasn't effective.

Kinect has a library of words it understands and processes.

I like how everyone hates Kinect, then wishes for the same type of features on their personal console.

Its also annoying hearing how Microsoft pays for the Kinect integration, which might be the case, but it might not be. Bottom line is that gaming is a business and if Microsoft is paying for added Kinect support, Sony must be paying for added Move and 3-D support for games like Bioshock 3 right?

Sheesh, get over it.

AusRogo2410d ago

Or maybe they realised MOVE is much better for an fps?

Tai_Kaliso2410d ago

So your saying companies love Sony so much they implement Sony's devices out of the goodness of their heart, but Microsoft pays everyone?

Get out of here with that crazy BS logic.

I mean maybe Kinect is better and the only way to get accurate voice commands ? Maybe Microsoft didn't pay anything to Bioware or Bethesda?

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