Square Enix Eyes Western Expansion

Believes current Japanese market is weak for "core games"

Square Enix' president Yoichi Wada thinks that Europe has great potential for growth and wants his company to be stronger in that market.

Speaking to, Wada noted that the Japanese market is currently quite weak when it comes to games for core gamers, whereas the European and American markets are growing at enormous speed for core games.

While eyeing the western market, he recognised that regarding Europe as just one block could lead to fatal mistakes.

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disgaea3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Other big Japanese publishers like Sega and Capcom are targeting Western markets very aggressively, acquiring Western studios, signing Western games, even establishing new studios here, such as Sega Racing Studio. Square Enix hasn't made such moves yet. Do you have a similar strategy in mind?

Yes. We would like to develop a strategy to equal the moves made by Sega and Capcom, or maybe exceed them.

i think he is trying to say SE will now to make Shooting, Fightning and action games for western markets

socomnick3994d ago

Well if square wants to be successful in North America it has to support the xbox 360.

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