Tannoy PSP Speaker System

January 7th, 2008 - Tannoy demonstrated their PSP Speaker System at the CES. The system works by simply plugging the PSP into the speaker itself, and then the user plugs the other end into the video out. The speaker will recharge the PSP that's plugged in.

The speaker puts out surround sound at 50 watts. It comes with an infrared remote. Another added bonus is that the user can attach an MP3 player. It does not work with video files, though.

The Tannoy PSP Speaker System should be out by February, and will retail for about $199.99.

More information is available at the official product page via Coolest-Gadget.

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GrammarPolice3994d ago

The Psyclone Nodus does all that and is readily available for $34. I have two, one for my PSP and one hooked up to my PC. Nodus started out at $199 as well. If this comes down in price significantly it might do OK, but with the only discernable difference being 20 watts more output than the Nodus, not sure if it will move well at six times the cost.