PAX East: Hands On With Far Cry 3 Multiplayer, Solid But Forgettable [DigitalNoob]

Bigant writes:

"I have been glued to any and everything Far Cry 3 since the “insanity” trailer was released last year at E3. Vaaz was instantly one of the coolest video game villains I had ever seen. Since then we have been shown an incredible world full of unique characters from the equally insane Dr. Earnhardt to the everyman hero Jack. There is no doubt that the world of Far Cry 3 looks to be one hell of a ride when it comes to the single player story and gameplay when it launches this September. With so much emphasis being put into the single player so far I was surprised to see that Ubisoft didn’t bring any single player gaming elements with them to PAX East, instead opting to only bring a multiplayer demo instead."

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Finch2436d ago

Game loOKs fun. The map editor is always a selling point for me with farcry. Yet there is afew things that have me worried. Dropping of the vehicles in MP plus the air strikes also in the MP seem like it can make or break all the fun that was once farcry I grown to love. anyways even if its full of fail the map editor is the only thing i need to still get the game and have loads of fun.