Head2Head – Should Resident Evil 6 be an Action Game?

"Welcome to Head2Head, a Made2Game feature that sees two of our contributers lock horns over a particular gaming subject. Today James B and Mick F argue for and against Resident Evil 6's large focus on action over the series' roots as a calm and careful survival horror."

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Awesome_Gamer2410d ago

No, it should be 80% horror 20% action

DrPepper2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

why do they approve articles like this. all they are gonna do is stir shit up. if nobody buys this game crapcom will realize they fucked up going more towards action and they will harken back to horror. if people do buy this then they'll continue what they have been doing. like c'mon aren't people tired of arguing about the same regurgitated topic. either you BUY OR DON'T BUY thats what it comes down to. vote with your wallet simple as that.

Finch2410d ago

I want the horror/puzzle solving like it once was. Now the best I can get is the SAW games, but it still ain't RE!

MasterCornholio2409d ago

I really miss the old school horror games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Parasite Eve. Its a shame that many of these titles lost their roots in the survival horror genre. Oh well at least theres Dead Space that while its very action based its still better at survival horror than the resident Evil franchise.