Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack DLC Review (Passion For Games)

Mass Effect 3's first multiplayer DLC has just dropped, and at the enticing price of free, it seems like it offers a satisfying extension to what people are loving about the multiplayer so far. So how does it stack up, and how is the content itself?

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zeal0us2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Geth SMG is pretty good with the Solider class especially Turian.
Striker Assault Rifle is similar to the Falcon but with worse accuracy.
Harpoon Gun, haven't unlock it yet.

I have played along most of the new classes excluding the Justicar. The Batarian Sentinel, Geth Engineer and Infiltrator work great in a team. Krogan Vanguard....double the annoying not only it goes around melee just about everything now it can Biotic charge stuff too, oh the joy :( , the Human Vanguard get the award for being the most annoying class in MP.

2412d ago