Resident Evil's stories have they outgrown themselves?

Looking back at the older Resident Evil stories, and today's offerings seem much more fleshed out. Is this a good thing or perfect evolution.

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RaidensRising2409d ago

The stories have always played second fiddle to the gameplay. I kind of liked the old school tongue in cheekness of classic Resi Evil, although I also am glad that the series has moved forwards dramatically.

It's the story that's needed a kick in the nads, and RE6 in terms of characters and story looks leaps and bounds ahead of RE5 already. So, here's hoping it all pans out...

Gearshead752408d ago

I agree. RE stories have never sucked me in the way othere games have and the only thing I recall about RE5 lame story was the new bad ass side kick.

Off topic, but I'm looking forward to a zombie game that I can "sink my teeth into" that offers a great storyline...I'm hoping the episodic Walking Dead does just that.

GillHarrison2408d ago

I agree, Resident Evil always had a B-movie story. From what I've seen from the trailers I'm liking how it's evolved into a more global terrorist epic.

DanSolo2408d ago

Resident Evil back in the PSone days was one of the highlights of that generation and helped push gaming forward.... but to be honest I don't rate it that much any more and I'm sorry to say I do not think the series lives up to it's beginnings!

The setting of both Resi 4, and 5 were interesting and could have been great but I personally could just not get on with the clunky controls.... back in the PSone days the clunkiness was totally excusable but now it just feels wrong. I know a lot of people still love the franchise and good luck to them, but for me I just see it as a series that was good "back in the day". Maybe they will update it in the right ways while keeping what made it great some time and I will be happy to play some Resi again... just not seen anything to make me think that is gonna happen any time soon.

On a side note; I also do not like the way in the Wii and the Move controls that you cannot shoot using the trigger.... that just really does not make any sense.... but I suppose it's just one of those things!

c1oudy2408d ago

Im sorry but my main issue with this article is that the title is in desperate need of a comma.