PSP Keyboard Joining GPS in the US in '08

Over a year ago, the PlayStation Portable's camera and GPS receiver went on sale in Japan. The photo-snapping add-on also hit the market in Europe in 2006, and its global-positioning cousin has been confirmed to arrive in the territory later this year.

However, to the frustration of North American gamers, neither the GPS nor the camera have been dated for the region--until now, anyway. Today at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony Computer Entertainment America reps confirmed to GameSpot that both peripherals will be available in North America by the end of the year. Unfortunately, they could not give a more specific time frame.

SCEA reps also revealed today a welcome surprise for PSP owners weary of its cell-phone-like text entry system. They confirmed that Sony is working on a first-party keyboard for the handheld gaming system for release in mid-2009. When asked if said keyboard will resemble the mock-up that was shown off at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the reps demurred. "We're looking at several designs, but can't tell you anything more specific," a rep said.

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Darkiewonder3995d ago

But away to cover up the screen would be swell though.

TheMART3995d ago

How will this keyboard connect? IR is only on the Fat PSP, the slim USB port will be taken by GPS or cam/mic...

Will they provide an USB hub that will be fitted under the cam?

GrammarPolice3995d ago

I'm sure they'll find a way to get it done. I'm all for throwing some love at the owners of the original fat PSP, hopefully they'll be able to put the package together for both without too much trouble. Obviously, more user base equals more potential sales and return on investment.

WAR_MACHINE773995d ago

all I can say is thank god! I have been waiting for a keyboard for my PSP forever. Trying to write with the digi KB is a royal pain in the @$$.

Mcrmarcher3995d ago

this looks pretty cool it would save alot of time and effort typing on the psp. it would be amazing for online games to.