Keep Your MMOs Out of My Elder Scrolls!


A Bethesda produced Elder Scrolls MMORPG just isn't a good idea.

I want to believe. I want to believe that the rumors about an Elder Scrolls MMO announcement in May will result in one of the genre's best games, but I find myself convinced that The Elder Scrolls series can't introduce an MMORPG without losing its soul. I'm not saying that such a game couldn't be good, I'm not saying that there's not a chance for Bethesda to make millions upon millions, and I'm not even saying that the concept doesn't geek me out at the core of my being. But I am saying that the conventions of the genre clash so strongly with the legacy of the series that I fear it would become something else entirely. At its worst, it would become "just another fantasy MMO," and at its best its success might spell the end for any future single-player games in one of the world's most beloved gaming franchises. Put it this way: when's the last that any of you heard any news about Warcraft IV?

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NYC_Gamer2436d ago

Bethesda can't create a single player game without bugs/glitches just imagine an mmo

ziggurcat2436d ago

i don't want to think of having to deal with resetting my system every 2 minutes because it's crashed...

VanillaBear2436d ago

Even if they added co-op or multiplayer in the Elder Scrolls imagine what could happen to the quality of the single player.....the single player will feel dumbed down AND they would spend more time fixing co-op/online bugs then the single player ones.

This is why I want people to leave the Elder Scrolls/Fallout the way they are.....single player games.

ziggurcat2436d ago

"This is why I want people to leave the Elder Scrolls/Fallout the way they are.....single player games."

100% agreed.

Bimkoblerutso2436d ago

If there's one thing I DON'T want in my Elder Scrolls, it's immersion-breaking asshats dancing around in front of me, or hogging all the loot after a long dungeon.

Bethesda, how about before you move on to other ventures, you fix things in your single-player games. Let's get an Elder Scrolls with genuinely good combat and a story that doesn't feel like a throwaway of the original Elder Scrolls script.