Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC to Have Enhanced Online PvP

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe today announced that, by popular demand, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will be releasing for the PC platform in Europe and Australasia on August 24th. This special, content-enhanced edition of the critically acclaimed Action- RPG developed by FromSoftware will be finely-tuned to cater to the PC gaming audience while retaining all of the deep challenge, rich atmosphere, and compelling gameplay that made the game a worldwide phenomenon.

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NYC_Gamer2408d ago

I'll be sticking with the sp mode since i'm not gonna deal with the buggy/late patch service called GFWL...

h311rais3r2408d ago

Yea same. Even on ps3 I was getting demolished because for some reason 70+ players would invade me when I was lvl 40! It got so frustrating trying to beat the game like that losing all my humanity before a boss! It needs an option to turn off pvp so u can play co op and not have douchebags who camp outside boss areas to rape newcomers. I know it's part of the game but I went through the whole game hollow because of dbags!

Anyway hopefully it gets a full visual enhancement aswell. And hopefully they port it well so we get a stable framerate!

Lucretia2408d ago

yeah i was invaded by people that were like 100 levels higher than me.

you know whats sweet about this game though? if your good you still have Some chance. I've beaten a few High level dudes, and needless to say, one of my best victories which involved a fight on a bridge, a counter, stab and kick off straight off the bridge lead to me gaining almost 1 MILLION souls.

that was Aloooooooooot of soul levels i gained thanks to that victory lmao

Nevers2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I find it interesting that even though PC gamers actually got what they wanted, it simply isn't good enough. Cry me a river that it's being released on GFWL. PC gamers shouldn't look the gift horse in the mouth and should probably just be happy they are getting this amazing game at all.

Meanwhile console gamers essentially get taken for a ride only to have their hopes dashed (at least so far). I still hold out hope the extra bosses will come as DLC. I'd buy day one. But after this announcement for so-called "fans of the game" I'm not going to hold my breath.

Baka-akaB2408d ago

Yeah people are taking it too far .

Is it a pity and too bad they chose GFWL ? Yes , but they are still nonetheless taking a gamble on pc , after being asked to , and adding contents for it .

It even as if a tiny portion are reneging on their intent to buy the game and looking for a way out .

What's next "what it doesnt support dx11 ? i'm out!!" ?

Saladfax2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

It's no doubt that they've botched the PR aspect of this whole thing, but I wouldn't get too upset about the DLC thing. It's pretty much a given that they'll provide the extra content to consoles, but the whole wall thing was kind of stupid and messy...

Remember as well, Dark Souls on PC isn't a gift. It's a product they decided to go with based upon consumer demand, intending to make a profit. It's a beneficial scenario to the company and to the consumers who asked for it.

It isn't at all unreasonable to want/not want certain features in a product for purchase. That's why you read reviews when buying games, furniture, or just about anything. It's why you check over fruit in the supermarket to make sure it isn't rotten.

Simply put: if you're going to buy a horse, you damn well better check its teeth and pretty much everything else.

Games for Windows Live is the equivalent of the horse holding a mouthful of ebola virus.


Oh, also, it really shouldn't considered much of a gamble. It might be a niche title, but even something like Alan Wake (good but not universally acclaimed) made back all the cost in porting within 48 hours of its PC release.

anonym2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Yeah, I wouldn't risk an online profile with this one either. After losing my Batman saves, I don't think I could handle seeing a character I've spent 50 hours on disappear on me.

theeg2408d ago

GFWL is annoying as hell, no doubt, but.......this game is so epic and i loved playing it on my ps3 but it was a NIGHTMARE in performance and low resolution textures!

I am willing to put up with GFWL to have stunning 1080p, 60 frames per second, 16x anti aliasing and much larger textures with TONS of new areas/bosses/weapons.

The_Nameless_One2408d ago

I say keep your expectations down. Japanese developers do not have good history with PC games.

Baka-akaB2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Depends , some capcom games were easily the best version around , like DMC4 . ANd devs do release plenty games on pc , just not those we'd usually care about

However is this instance , Namco isnt usually a pc publisher

The_Nameless_One2408d ago

You guys need to go look over some of the threads on the official game forum. It's funny as all hell. Dark Souls players are PMSing big time.

Moncole2408d ago

It should be called Dark Souls: Best Version

Ramas2408d ago

Make this edition on consoles! i will buy it again! please!

funkycoldmedina2408d ago

Why not From Software just release a paid for "Prepare to Die" DLC for consoles? I think this announcement would mean a DLC plus patch is in the works for DS console owners that includes the PvP improvement.

I personally want no more level restrictions in general for coop or PvP. I think this will prolong interest in the game and make covenant items easier to obtain. There is definitely less ghost figures running around compared to 5 or 6 months ago. I hope From opens up the games current player interaction restrictions and releases a DLC soon.