Rolly Rivals PlayStation Presence At Sony's CES Booth

Last year, Sony was proudly showing off the PSP and PlayStation 3 in its CES booth, featuring a number of high profile games like Lair, Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm on playable kiosks. This year, however, you'd hardly know Sony was in the business of games, as the number of PlayStation 3s on the floor I could count numbered only five.

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Brian52473995d ago

God I hate this website.

Jamaicangmr3995d ago

They are tryin really hard to bad mouth Sony's CES showing huh lol!

resonate3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Considering GDC is right around the corner (18-22nd of Feb), would it not make more sense to highlight all the ps3 stuff then?

This is a technology convention where companies go to show off their new upcoming products, last time i checked, sony is in more than just the games business.

PS360WII3994d ago

Yea CES isn't even for gaming is it? Who are they trying to fool?

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