Big buzz in format fight: Blu-ray move could affect Xbox 360, PS3 rivalry

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
January 7, 2008
By Todd Bishop

Las Vegas - One of Microsoft's key technological positions has taken a blow as a result of Warner's decision to choose Blu-ray in the battle over next-generation DVD formats.

The implications extend beyond movies to the hotly contested video-game console market. That's because Sony has integrated a Blu-ray drive into the PlayStation 3.

Depending on the circumstances, Sony may enjoy a "huge competitive advantage" over Microsoft in the video-game console market if Blu-ray becomes standard, said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities.

The key question, Pachter said, would be timing.

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Filanime033998d ago

Oh the Irony the next Xbox would carry blu-ray capability on its next platform. Microsoft has to pay royalty to sony and other blu-ray supporters in order to implement blu-ray on their next gen console. Even the next gen Wii will have to implement blu-ray on their console if blu-ray will win. It's a win-win for sony.

TANOD3998d ago

Both have won in essence

good to hear about that

ktchong3998d ago

Sony has to pay a loyalty to Microsoft every time Sony sells a computer or laptop installed with Windows.

Filanime033998d ago

U are definitely right round peg the irony of business. Only money talks.

Bathyj3998d ago

Thats right Round Peg, and obviously Sony have no problem with that. Why dont M$ stop being cry babies and do whats right for everyone. Dump HD and support BR. They're all about establishing standards that everyone can use and they're right. We wouldnt want a hundred different OS's and we dont want multiple HD movie formats. If M$ had supportted BR from the start there wouldn't have been a war. I dont know if that would be completely good because the war does serve a purpose in driving prices down, but its done its job now and its hurting the industry overall and its time to stop. The sooner everyone gets on BR the better for them and us.

WilliamRLBaker3997d ago

why would either company HAVE to impliment blu ray in the next gen systems because blu ray won?
Ninty could easily create a new hybrid format like they did for the game cube, and so could microsoft.

There have been many hybrid formats and many formats used when others we're available, CARTRIDGE, UMD, Minidisc, GCD...ect

Just because blu ray wins does not mean either company HAS to use the format in the next generation, I mean so many fanboys like to think that just because these big blows have been delivered to hd dvd it means blu ray has won every thing, and will be the dominate force in the format arena, Simply put DVD is still kicking the crap out of them, and based upon dvd sales adoption of blu ray and hd dvd have been crap.

The upgrade from blu ray to dvd or hd dvd to dvd was no where near as big as VHS to dvd in both quality and options, Going with either HD Format means one thing and one thing only...high resolutions. pretty much every thing done on the formats was and is done on dvd.

A dual format will be released or a hybrid format within the next year or 2 to consolidate both camps...what happend in the DVD era between the - and + camps because if not then blu ray camp has an uphill battle alone againest DVD right now, digital content and a future better format like holodisc.

craymoogy3997d ago

Which ever side Java chooses, that side win. It's simple.

actas1233997d ago

Why would they release a console in dual format if one of the format is practically dead.. Because u know if they do that u and I and the rest of us gamers are gonna pay for that eventually..

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LightningPS33998d ago

XBOX 360 will continue to kick ass. Because it's the better gaming machine at a better price.

Sony just keeps on embarresing themselves.

Skaterboy Tell Em3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

You are absolutly correct sony comes out with a completely relieable console with blu ray built in plus wifi hard drives,quiet system, free online,blutooth and highly anticipated games coming 2008 and beyond.what are sony thinking by doing this,they just keep embarressing themselves.they should have rushed their console out so they couldnt get thier @ss kicked by the competition,why make online free. charging for it would be better,more money in there pockets are better than money in mine,id much rather have a console with overhyped/overrated POS games rather than AAA titles like MGS4. Man sony you are pathetic.

TANOD3998d ago

the 3 biggest games of 2008 are PS3 exclusive --FF13,MGS4 and GT5

some might add LBP too

The_Engineer3998d ago

it really makes me weep for humanity when I see people like this spouting such utter nonsense.

embarrassing IS a 33% RROD rate for your console.

embarrassing is said console's sales in japan

embarrassing is seeing the "ultimate" obliterated by the bomb Warner dropped a few days ago.

should I keep going??

Sony is positioning all it's pieces and getting ready to annihilate MS and it's 360. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and vision of where this industry is going can see it. Only blind 12 yr old xbots not only don't see it but in fact are already proclaiming victory. It has actually been funny to watch some of the most diehard xbots on here already starting to lose composure and blurt out expletives in threads like the one talking about Warner choosing Bluray.

as the Ps3 surges this year with what will be the greatest release lineup in gaming history, expect to see alot more weeping and gnashing of xbot teeth.

AngryHippo3998d ago

.....but i think 360 will continue to sell really well, but PS3 sales will be equally good. Whether or PS3 catches up this year i strongly doubt it but i think 2009 it will be all square in console sales, anyway its about the games, games sell consoles, whichever console gets their AAA titles out this year will be the one that gets the better sales this year. Sony has a great list of exclusives, but whether they all make it this year is another matter. Happy gaming for all during this year, its going to be a good one for everybody whatever console you own.

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Shaka2K63998d ago

Sony will make billions of it.

mighty_douche3998d ago

...we're screw from day one for releasing a half assed rushed console, sure it was great for 18 months or so but thats about it. No HDD, No HD format, No wifi, No freebies, No rechargable controllers, No web browser....

Basically they upgraded a GPU and CPU and figured thats enough.

Shaka2K63998d ago

The 360 is substandard; it's loud, prone to the RRoD, has painfully huge power brick, only plays DVDs (I do wish Mass Effect was longer. If only they were able to fit more content on a disk!), it uses outdated technology (sliding disk tray? What is this? 2005?). It's also ugly, but that's down to opinion.
Also, it's still unfinished; things that should have been there to start off with are only now being implimented (better cooling, HDMI, quieter drives, bigger HDD...).

If not for RROD it will be the king of consoles now. MS PR department didnt mange the situation very well.

mighty_douche3998d ago

nice to see a 360 owner looking at it from an unbiased opinion, ill happily admit that for games, up till this point the 360 has a FAR FAR better line up of games.
But unfortunalty for them all their top titles end up making they're way to the PC. For me, the 360's disadvantages far out way its advantages.

But each to their own, if your happy with your 360 then great, isnt that the important thing anyway, what YOU think, not what OTHERS think?

power of Green 3998d ago

And sure in the hell won't help Sony win the console war when DVD folks are already fucing up Sony demographic helping them sell some consoles but no software.

I mean Sony already had some supposed AAA's that were boast about by Sony fanboys and they do not buy them what makes you think the PS3 fanbase is going to buy games now other than those 3 pr 4 games everybody seems to be saying warrents the PS3 purchase sence before the PS3 launched.

IS that the only reason to own the PS3? is that the only thing that can save it is thoses 3 or 4 titles thats been known even before the first Playstation launched.

How can a console win when the only thing people are excited about are a handful of sequels and not the promise of new greatness like the 360 appeal?.

PS3 will surge when those sequels come out maybe! then what?, it took 120 million PS2 owners to sell 4 million copies and less of some of those games. What makes you think consoles will be flying off the shelfs as Sony fanboys believe?.

This whats going to happen Every PS3 killer App released MSFT will have an awnser to and only Sony fanboy hype will continue despite reality.

Perkel3998d ago

people will buy ps3 for mgs,ff and GT. That is fact.
Halo sold in milions because it has great advertising campaign.

I bought ps3 only for GT5... but i'm playin' CoD , motorstorm resistance etc.

actas1233997d ago

Its wrong to believe in the myth that people buy consoles only because of games.. Brand name recognition and reliability are very important for the everyday consumer... When it comes to games, the PS brans proved to be the console for the whole family not just first person shooter teenage fans..

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