Why It's Time to Leave the Mass Effect 3 Ending Alone

"I wasn’t going to write anything about Mass Effect 3 and the Not-So-Great Ending backlash. I really wasn’t. You’re probably as sick of reading about it as I am. What’s more, I’ve been less-than-enthralled with the Mass Effect games. Saying crass things about BioWare’s beloved sci-fi opera and defending the way they ended it? I must be suicidal."

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rageaholicgamer2412d ago

His first impulse was the right one. It really was.

MeatAbstract2412d ago

Good thing about the Mass Effect 3 ending, the game is getting cheaper and cheaper. Currently about £24 on amazon.

grahf2412d ago

And in the US Gamestop is buying it back for $28 until Monday! Good thing I just beat it.

aPerson2412d ago

Enough with these damn articles...

Theangrybogan2412d ago

Why does someone who admits they're not a fan of the series even give a shit? Poor article, clearly designed to agitate and score hits. If you are thinking about reading this, just read one of the many other fan-hating ME3 articles that were written last month and be done with it.

pandehz2412d ago

Finished my second playthrough roughly 20 min ago and somehow I still liked the ending. I did feel emotionally touched by it.

Dont know what these fans are all about. If we analyse it technically most fictional work is bullcrap in many ways and so are fan theories. ME3's theories is within the less bullcrap league of bullcrap out there.

Im a happy customer

Time to give it a rest and maybe replay as a renegade Infiltrator later. First two were adept and vanguard paragon.

googergieger2412d ago

^"It could have been worse"= Most honest and best review for Mass Effect 3.

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