First ever Medal of Honor: Warfighter in-game footage goes live

El33tonline writes:

"EA and Danger Close have just released a trailer showcasing in-game footage for the pair's Medal of Honor: Warfighter for the very first time - don't waste any more time and watch below!"

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tdogchristy902439d ago

Idk, there was something about the original. I loved the historical and respect aspect tied to it, being more real world and based on fact. But something about it bugged me, the graphics or game mechanics, idk, it just didn't feel like it had enough quality compared to others on offer at the time. It just kind of left me "meh" Or maybe my hopes were just too high. Either way, I'm intrigued by this one, it looks better and I hope it is better this time around. *crosses fingers*

Peppino72439d ago

Man I love the Frostbite 2 engine. Hopefully gameplay is fluid because this could be an amazing game.

iamnsuperman2439d ago

"there was something about the original. I loved the historical and respect aspect tied to it, being more real world and based on fact".

I agree and is one of the reasons I am less excited for this game. MoH suffered technical problems mixed with an average multiplayer but the core single player game felt refreshing a real. I can see why they have gone the other way considering the reception MoH got but it is still as shame. Not many games go the realistic route which is why it was nice to see MoH do it and do it quite well.

gameplayingfool2439d ago

I'm a long-time Medal of Honor fan. I look forward to this.

sphinct2439d ago

Woot! I love Medal of Honor.

zeeshan2439d ago

The background music is sort of like what they had in BF3 trailer and even in the BF3 game.

As for the gameplay, it looks like the footage of the single player campaign. I'd rather multiplayer footage because DICE just killed BF3 after the patch and it'd be great to move on to something else (I refuse to play any COD games).

Until then, I'll be playing some awesome single player games.

tboyshinobi2439d ago

nothing like the original, but i'm still hopeful that this will be a good installment. Based off of the MoH website it's based off of real stories written by Tier 1 operators who were on duty so maybe (Despite the Cobra world attack) this will still have a realistic feel.

BattleAxe2439d ago

I want to see pure gameplay footage. The last MoH game had similar well produced marketing trailers, but look how it turned out.

Razmossis2439d ago

It'll be nothing we haven't played before

ChrisW2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Very interesting...
But too bad it's published by EA, which means I won't buy it.

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360 man2439d ago

thats the pc version. it has to be.

which will mean thats what we can expect for the next generation.

which makes me happy :)

sorry (cough) i mean.... intrigued

lastdual2439d ago

Yeah, similar to BF3, we can expect that EA will release mostly PC footage to show off the game.

The console versions may look decent, but not on the same level as that video.

turgore2439d ago

console version will look similar to how battlefield 3 looked on consoles.

hakis862439d ago

SWEET finally a game where I can play as the army from my Country (Norway). Global warfare...seems interesting! They are going head to head with Cryteks F2P Warface perhaps?

yabhero2439d ago

If there is a WiiU version then it will probably look slightly worse than that but better than PS3/360 with some special tablet stuff.... If not then I'll get the PC version for the new laptop I'm getting over summer... Got any ideas? PM ME.

mcnablejr2439d ago

@ yabhero

dafu* did i just read?

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callahan092439d ago

It seems to be a nice iteration of the realistic wargames FPS genre, and has pretty graphics.

I checked out the trailer hoping it would be something intriguing for me, though, and it just wasn't. Nothing against the game or the genre or its fans, but I'm just sick of this style of realistic, real-world military war FPS. It just bores me. The plots don't interest me, the world and weaponry doesn't interest me. I know this is the most popular genre on the planet right now (or one of them anyway) but I like a little more character depth, some good mystery and a lively, imaginative world I can put myself into. This kind of thing just doesn't satisfy my urges.

Ashunderfire862439d ago

Well you need to play Halo with its scifi action. I alway prefer Scifi over real world action, but I still have a place for these military shooters like Battlefield 3 for my PC!!!! And it's much better than Call of Duty.

TENTONGUN2438d ago

i feel ya. im only lookin forward to ghost recon this year. will not be picking up another modern war fps any time soon

Bobby Kotex2439d ago

Apparently no one remembers how awesome the first MoH trailer was vs how generic the game was.

dubt722439d ago

Dude, you must have heard this a million times, but your name made me giggle like a schoolgirl. Huzzah to you, good sir.

finbars752439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

The only thing I remember is how generic Bobby Kotex is,other then that I think Danger Close has learned there lesson from the first MOH disaster.SP was great but the MP was not up to par.This MOH has alot of potential thats for sure.Lets hope they can deliever another epic game.

hennessey862439d ago

was generic, but the single player was brilliant. So good infact I completed it 3 times :)

FanboyPunisher2439d ago

People said the same shit about the last MOH, game died and was poor fps shooter.

I'll wait intill MOH proves itself before hyping anything, let see if this one lasts.

OhMyGandhi2439d ago

I think it also looks interesting.
but actually, I am quite surprised by this trailer, and not in the best of ways.

This is going in a completely different direction from what they told EGM and OXM as to what they wanted to do.

It looks a hell alot like "one of those Hollywood blockbuster types" and less like a "personal heartfelt story of the relationship between a family man and the war he fights for those at home" (as quoted from Official Playstation Magazine).

cannon88002439d ago

Hey guys, finally a game trailer without dubstep!

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the_hitman30002439d ago

Wow this is looking good imo. I cant wait to see more at E3! I hope sp is longer and the multiplayer is a lot better

OliverKO2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Going by recent trends, I don't think the SP is going to be longer, but it will be more impactful and more quality than 2010's game.

Better MP is a given - they'll need to compete with Call of Duty and EA will need to even compete with itself and Battlefield, so I'm guessing something a little different (no vehicles) and perhaps targeting CoD crowd? A two-pronged attack seems likely.

duplissi2439d ago

2010s game had an awesome if albeit short campaign. it was by far the most authentic, respectful and realistic feeling modern war game i have ever played - which was what i was expecting.

however it had a multiplayer mode that can be described as a mash up of battlefield and call of duty but having none of eithers strengths...

Cosmit2439d ago

Hmmm I'm very skeptical about this game. I was really looking forward to the one before this with all the good trailers and stuff they were releasing. It hyped me up and I seriously thought it would be my new favorite FPS because well, Its MOH.

So I'll try not to hype myself so much this time around. Also, them releasing MOH means that no BC3 this year :(.

hiredhelp2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Global warfighters



40 Hours very nice Im in where do i sign up.

Hufandpuf2439d ago

Now the haters will jump on the hype train. so predictable. Day 1 for me though, I loved the first one.

Fishy Fingers2439d ago

Haters? The last title was technically a mess and critically received as average at best, I don't think being excited about the sequel because of the improvements they've made, 1 developer, frostbite, less influence from 'other' games etc means I'm a 'hater' getting on the hype train. Get off your soap box.

Hufandpuf2439d ago

There were tons of doubt that the game would be any good as soon as it was announced. People even hated thee name and basically shunned it because they thought it had nothing to prove or that it was another generic title.

Well, MOH 2010 had a great singleplayer campaign albeit some technical issues. The guns had a great weight to them (The shotgun was amazing!) the tone was very convincing, the music was perfect. The emotion was there in the game, something a vast amount of shooters lacked.

You are just looking at the "tech" side; How well did it run, or how intricate was the game design? You need to look at what the game offered, what was presented to you. Look past the rough edges of the first game and you'd find that MOH 2010 gave you something original and bold: They sacrificed the flair and Michael Bay type explosions for an atmospheric and realistic take on REAL WORLD conflicts.

hiredhelp2439d ago

Well this time they got it going on just right.
Danger close doing it all and by that i mean all in house development, Using of course frosbite 2.0.

I still need to enlist

1nsomniac2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

The single player of the 1st game was terrible, I mean no words could describe how bad it was. The multiplayer however, although quite cramped was pretty addictive.

orange-skittle2439d ago

They hyped the game so much that when the demo was released, it was a total mess. The actual game was soooo bad that it fell to $40 in a matter of 2 months. Now you can get it for $20 boxed right next to HOMEFRONT. This is 100%/100% DICE, so there's no 2 developers working here to rush a product out. Last time they asked DICE to help finish the game since it wasn't going in the direction they intended. DICE was trying to polish a turd. Now they are hands on

a_bro2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

the first one was average because:

1. the single player was handled by danger close using that crappy UE3 engine (to me, thats what ruined it)

2. DICE handled the multiplayer, felt similar to playing battlefield using the original frostbite engine, which isnt a bad thing, but still, if i wanted to play BF at the time, i would just play bad company 2.

this is different though. I'd give'em a chance and see what danger close is really capable of. and with a better frostbite 2, heck, im down.

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mcstorm2439d ago

I agree i like the 1st game not the best moh game ive played but was a good mix between cod and operation fashpoint. The biggest problem with the 2010 game was the mp and sp were done by different teams so they did not feel the same and i think this is where it had its problems but this game being done by one team should make for a good game.

FFXI1012439d ago

"Day 1 for me though, I loved the first one."
Same here, love the first one and looking forward to this one.

GamingTruth2439d ago

cod killer... oh nevermind