Battlefield: Bad Company - Developer Diary: Destruction

Tear up the battlefield in one of the most destructive shooters ever made!

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smart_head3970d ago

This game has been on my radar for quite some time now and the more I hear about it, the more I'm inclined towards buying it on launch day. I just hope I don't burn a hole in my pocket for no reason :) Ah I'm sure Dice won't disappoint the fans.

skyline20033970d ago

I just watched those videos last night. It is looking really impressive. I am all about realism so i love it when developers put that stuff into games. Thats why i love GT series over say Need for Speed. I am really looking forward to this game. I have high expectations for this game. I loved BF2 but my PC wasnt good enough to play it with all the setting turned up. :(

sevanig3970d ago

Bah still looks kinda crappy with all the v-sync issues and crappy textures... motion blur and dof effects look cool though :)
Dunno why they are not making it for PC?
At least we can tell its the 360 version with all he achievements popping up...

sak5003969d ago

Pc is getting BF3. Since this one is being specially developed for the consoles so hopefully it will utilize their potential more effectively and give us a damn good game. I finally gave up playing 2142 after i started halo3 and COD4.