Sticky Trigger - Looking Back at Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Sticky Trigger writes; "Before EA Games became the publishing juggernaut most of us are familiar with today, they were known as Electronic Arts and developed a string of hit titles of previous consoles, most notably on the Sega Genesis. One such title was 'Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf', a helicopter combat game released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive). Players were pitted against a fictitious Middle Eastern warlord identified as 'Kilbaba', who aims to start World War III "or worse"."

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LivingTribunal2410d ago

This game was awesome back in the day. Still have it, still works.

IonutPitigoi2409d ago

I played a similar game on the Internet.

IonutPitigoi2409d ago

There are vruses at and at not games.

IonutPitigoi2409d ago

Nici games in those days!