Rez HD: extra controllers double as trance vibrators (seriously)

Via Joystiq:

That the very first comment on our very first Rez HD post asked if the updated shooter contained support for the infamous trance vibrator peripheral should come as no surprise. Though Mizuguchi says the device wasn't meant to be sexual, ever since that 2002 game girl advance post buzzed its way onto the internets, the vibrating peripheral has become a thing of gaming lore.

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nice_cuppa3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

; )


why disagree ?
do you not have a sence of humour ?

Bill Gates3969d ago

No wonder why you BABOONS love your 360 so much....AHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH


nice_cuppa3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

trance vibrator ps2 into google !


i wonder who disagreed with me ????

: )

Darkiewonder3969d ago

kills two birds with one stone with this game!

nice_cuppa3969d ago

get your game on.........
and your girl off

; )

Cat3969d ago

sorry for working blue, guys, but this whole thing cracked me up.

Douchebaggery3969d ago

I saw a guy shove three controllers down his pants while another dude was playing the game on the Gamespot show.

nice_cuppa3969d ago

.............. a guy ???!!!???

: (

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The story is too old to be commented.