PSP RPG Classic Review: PoPoLoCrois

It's a worth a look if you're willing to overlook the faults of the game. Outside of that, you have a fantastic experience that had the potential to draw you in and become magical but failed to do so.

* + Graphic delight
* + NPC interaction
* + Save anywhere


* - Terrible score
* - Boring battle system
* - Sluggish at times

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Luca Blight3932d ago

I remember really hoping this game would come to the US when it was originally release for the PS1. I love 2D (in this case 2.5D) handdrawn RPGs. Beats the blocky mess that is pretty much every other PSP RPG (not to say they're bad). To bad the review says that the score is bad (as I think good music really adds to any game), but I guess I'll just have to find out for myself.