.hack Versus Three Minute Trailer

Andrasang writes, "Namco Bandai has given us our best look yet at .hack Versus through a new three minute trailer. As one might expect, the trailer includes a mix of footage from the .hack movie, which is bundled with Versus. Forward to the one minute mark for game footage."

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andibandit1480d ago

Another amazing PS3 exclusive.

tiffac0081479d ago

Here is too hoping this bundle pack gets localize, unlike what happened to .hack//link.

Redempteur1479d ago

hum this looks really good
Gonna import this one ( if teh story board with the bulletin board is even half good as the ones from Hack :// GU then this will be great

Lucretia1479d ago

looks like naruto ultimate ninja........not that it could be helped since its the same devs, but still.......should be good for fans eitherway

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