Capcom locking away Resi 6 Mercenaries Maps in the US as retailer preorder exclusives

"Capcom have announced they will be offering exclusive preorder content for Resident Evil 6 for those who choose to preorder the game in the US. The content will be exclusive Mercenaries Mode maps. They have made no comment on UK/Euro exclusives as of yet."

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ThatEnglishDude1991d ago

*sigh* what has this industry come to....

Snookies121991d ago

No no, it's just Capcom for the most part doing things like these... Go with a developer like CD Projekt of the Witcher series, and they'll GIVE you free add on stuff for their games. Go with Capcom, you'll have to pay for things already on the disc, plus DLC later on down the road.

Kurylo3d1991d ago

really cant blame them... they do this type of stuff to recoop on piracy. They cant stop pirates, so they find ways to get more profits in other means.

LOGICWINS1991d ago

This won't end until we begin bombarding Capcom's forums and creating massive online petitions about this.

Rainstorm811991d ago


Nickel and dimeing loyal customers IS NOT the way to combat piracy, but it is the way to isolate your fanbase

RedDead1991d ago

Wow haha

Now...will I rent or pirate?

vallencer1990d ago

If you're buying the game and you decide not to pre order then its your fault. Is it the best practice, no. However you can get it for free with a pre order so I don't see the problem. I do understand the other dlc items that they choose to charge for and I understand your anger but you dont have to buy them. Just watch them on youtube because someone else will buy it.

DrPepper1991d ago

like no one expected this c'mon son its crapcom we're talking about here. of course they are gonna find a way to screw the consumer. there is a reason why crapcom’s better business bureau rating was downgraded by three ranks.

Frankfurt1991d ago


(first person to correct my post goes to the ignoramus corner)

Snookies121991d ago

It's spelled Capcom... Lol! Sorry, had to do it... XD

Convas1991d ago

*Pushes into the ignoramus corner*

turgore1990d ago

Actually, its spelled CRAPCOM.

-Mezzo-1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Will buy this day 1, beat all the 3 campaign's, not even consider playing the MP/Co-Op (Won't Use The Online Pass Code), and then sell it.

Buying this just for the Campaign.

pyramidxboy1990d ago

That seems like a waste of money 2 me. Well to each his own.

fossilfern1991d ago

Capcom has to know what people think of them. I think they are just doing this to piss more people off!

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The story is too old to be commented.