Dumbest things done by video game characters

We’ve all witnessed that moment in a video game when a character does something so stupid that we wonder if the main character has a learning deficiency. These mistakes can range from dumb to moronic, much like when Leon Kennedy brought only 20 or so bullets while on a mission to find the President’s daughter. Or it could be like John Marston’s decision to walk up to a known enemy, bandit’s fortress unarmed and unprotected (except the protection of a lethal cowboy stench). However, the following mistakes are masterpieces in terms of idiocy.

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Murgatroyd72412d ago

The stupidity of Team Plasma surely has to be hinting at something...

Tzuno2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Dumbest things done by video game characters??? really i haven't know that a video-game characters have free will like humans. Lame it's all a script and you control the character now who is the dumb here?