PS Vita Firmware 1.67 Goes Live

It’s that time again. Sony’s issued a stealth update for the PS Vita, bringing the firmware version count to 1.67. Those that check Network Update will be prompted to download and install the firmware.

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Dante1122411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Hopefully it's to return Facebook for the European gamers. Hope it fixes the VHBL exploits as well (So I can get my Motorstorm game).

GribbleGrunger2410d ago

facebook has been up on the European store for over a week now

Dante1122410d ago

What did Sony take off the store to fix recently for the European gamers? It was a app that was causing some users trouble.


Here is what this firmware update brings: "direction PlayStation Japan that teaches us the only novelty contained in this firmware:

Fixed a bug with the cameras in ZERO Dream Club Portable.

Because pretty girls are well worth a new firmware ..."

I can now understand why there is no changelog for this update on the US and EU sites, it is just an update for the Japan-only hentai game, shame on you Sony!

Thatguy-3102410d ago

After the last update i waa unable to use music unlimited. hopefully this fixes the error.

CarlitoBrigante2410d ago

Facebook is there for weeks. Stop spreading old news from a month ago.

videoxgamexfanboy2410d ago

Here we go with these damn updates every other week...Its not like its that big of a deal but it does get old fast.

THC CELL2410d ago

sony is supporting there consoles with games and updates unlike xbox who just gets media updates and no games enjoy.

videoxgamexfanboy2410d ago

wow...what a fanboyish thing to say. wtf does xbox have to do with my comment? you probably dont even know what this update does do you? And since you bring xbox into it why would MS update the 360 every other day when it doesnt need it? 360 gets MAJOR DASHBOARD UPDATES not so silly security patch every other day. Feel free to check my 360 gamer tag where you will find i have over 200 360 games. not bad for a console with "no games" and just because sony has more exclusives doesnt mean its a better system. I swear i hate blind fanboys...Oh my xbl gamer tags are blkxseptember and deexthaxgee

tarbis2410d ago

Strangely, it wasn't mandatory. I was able to access PSN w/o updating earlier.

MGRogue20172410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

... and there was me thinking that this new firmware would bring improvements to the browser like full flash/html5 support.. but nope, just a fix for some crappy japanese game.. i am disappoint.. -_-

MasterCornholio2410d ago

I would love to use the Vita for all my web browsing needs but the browser isn't very good. Also I want PSX titles to be playable on the Vita.


Wolfbiker2410d ago

We all want this...but its not going to come in such a small update like this...this is more or less a patch.

catfrog2410d ago

i love the 'stealth update' line, as if people arent going to notice when its updating

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