IGN Reviews Backyard Football 2008

Via IGN:

Frustration and football don't make for fine bedfellows, so it's ultimately elements like these mentioned confusing issues that keep Backyard Football from being truly enjoyable, and not just a simple diversion. Younger gamers and fans of the NFL could have some fun with the game, but with some guidance – they might need a parent's or older player's help with some of the controls and gameplay concepts. (Though I'm certain that there are more kids out there than I realize who already know the difference between a hop step and a hurdle when rushing for a first down.) Backyard Football, for its ambition to be the middle-ground, less complicated football option on Wii, ends up being just slightly less so than a full-on sim like Madden NFL 08. So be advised before giving your kids the greenlight to dive into this gridiron.


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