Game Informer Review: Fez

"Whether it’s the subtle shifts in lighting during the day and night cycle of a level, translating seemingly meaningless symbols into meaningful clues, or even paying attention to the specific vibrations of your controller, Fez challenges players to think and see in new ways. It’s a puzzle game with genuine moments of revelation and subtlety, and deserves all the acclaim it will undoubtedly receive."

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joab7772412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Great review. U guys are almost always spot on. Now, stop enlightening me to new and amazing experiences. My batman, ezio, and fateless one hate you desperately. At least once a week each pokes their head out to see if the coast is clear, and much to their chagrin( yes, chagrin) they see me reading reviews like this, knowing that their van winkle act will continue for the near future. I assure them that one day soon, i will dust them off, trim their beard , harness their weapon of choice, and get to it. But, I'm beginning to believe that my own words and promises actually do ring hollow. What indeed was an assurance of completion straight after mass effect has been pushed beyond the witcher and the dogma of the dragon. I now feel that it may be much later. Thank you max, and future war fighters. But, i will be true...because other than death and taxes, one thing is for sure...the summer is a desolate game desert. Did i say desert...damn you spec ops: the line and your 27th installment.