Hype Train For DmC Devil May Cry Picks Up Steam

"Earlier today, Capcom held their annual Captivate event, unleashing a new trailer and release date for Resident Evil 6, announcing Lost Planet 3 and opening the floodgates on Ninja Theory’s upcoming reimagining of Devil may Cry. In case you don’t frequent our sister site, Velocity Gamer, you can see the latest trailer through this link, but that is only one of the things that has emerged about this promising project. I’ll start you off with a transcription from a factsheet that has been released to the public..."

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DrPepper2413d ago

this game has no hype and that's just a fact. what it does have is factions of fans fighting over what this game should be like.

Deadpool6162413d ago

Yeah. So far, all this game has managed to do is cause arguments. Every trailer they show reignites the feud between gamers. It's starting to get annoying.