'Concept Grand Prix' - A Brand New HD Racer for Wii U

In a recent article, we talked about how Wii U may be slightly lacking in 3rd party support, but Nintendo may be making up for that themselves, as recent rumours suggest that Ninty have some HD tricks up their sleeve.
According to Dual Pixels, Nintendo is working on a racing simulation game, codenamed, “Concept Grand Prix”. The game is apparently being developed in tandem with Lucid Games, a group know for their work on racing titles such as ‘Project Gotham Racing’ and ‘Blur’, which have both appeared on current HD consoles.

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EcoSos32413d ago

I hope is true, Nintendo E3 is going to be full of games.

ShadowSniper2413d ago

Finally Nintendo is coming out with games I'm excited bout (≈^.^)

sikbeta2413d ago

Yay! Finally focusing in other genres, woohoo! GT is my main Racing Sim but that can change :D

Maddens Raiders2413d ago

nothing but lies coming from you today I see lol. This is a joke. A really, bad bad joke. Well b/c jokes are funny and this isn't funny at all is it? I feel bad for the people who have to play something like this now. :(

Bob5702413d ago

What's with the picture of the Pontiac G6?

MiracleBlaze2413d ago

Only picture I could really find, lol. Hey, at least it's a car!

SKUD2413d ago

Did all the car pictures on the internet get deleted?. Or did you mean the only one you could find on your local machine?.

Yangus2413d ago

But one problem,only fantasy/concept cars this game:(
Not real cars/race cars.....sad....

legend9112413d ago

While true, the game still will be much better than Forza and GT5 with such a level of customization, as well as the high graphics and online player-run companies.

LackTrue4K2413d ago

relax there buddy not hating on this new game, BUT your already saying its better. :/

legend9112413d ago

Let's just say it brings a new level of playstate, while it doesn't have licensed cars, I must agree. We should wait, I did indeed get carried away there. ^-^

shackdaddy2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

True, but you can still get your real car fix with that Project Cars game coming out. Personally, I prefer realistic racing games but this could still be a really fun game to play...

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The story is too old to be commented.