Jet Set Radio HD - PAX East 12: Walkthrough

GameTrailers: The Dreamcast graffiti game gets an HD update, and we learn more about Jet Set Radio HD at PAX East 12.

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NYC_Gamer2319d ago

One of my favorite Dreamcast games :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2319d ago

Really wished the trailer was playing the original music from the game. I think the track was "Up-Set Attack" by Deavid Soul in this part of Shibuya-Cho.

I really can't wait for it's release......

Kyosuke_Sanada2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

-double post- m(_ _)m

MissAubrey2319d ago

whos excited? me thats who! and you too!

2319d ago