New Nintendo Direct Happening Soon and Should Be Exciting For 3DS

Nintendo Enthusiast:

Can we hope for a 3DS firmware update, at the very least?

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Jirachi2411d ago

Wow I'm surprised there doing one of these again so far there have been like 4 of these conferences since 3ds launched.
I really want some paper mario and fire emblem news.

Technical World2411d ago

Hopefully they release the PC compatible eShop, DLC, Nintendo Network, etc. Thats the news I've been waiting for. I want them to continue upgrading it's online features. Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, and Skype should be on it. Video calls at least through Skype if not through a Nintendo made app would be nice and easy to make. That's what I want my 3DS to do.

Technical World2411d ago

At least release the Hulu Plus app. It'll give us more choices of how to watch videos on 3DS, more free apps on the eShop, and it'll give the 3DS an advantage with an app the Vita doesn't have differentiating itself.

CaptainN2411d ago

They can't use Skype...Microsoft bought them out, so they would have to pay MS, and we know that won't happen. They should use the same program they are planning to use with Wii-U though !

dark-hollow2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

so whats wrong with paying royalties for ms for using skype?

it is smart business and nothing to be ashamed of.
they arent mortal enemies! they are in it for business first and foremost.

how many nintendo games that are developed on a pc that is running windows?
having skype on wii u, 3ds is a win-win for both companies

CaptainN2411d ago

They could, but lets look at Nintendo's history....they wouldnt include DVD playback function for Gamecube or Wii because they did not want to pay royalty fee's to anyone....especially Sony. Why would they now decide MS is worth paying for video chat. It would cost them less to produce their own video chat service in the long run :p Nintendo has always liked to own thier own tech and will only pay for things they can't make or don't know how to make. And its never to competitors.

Technical World2411d ago

Yeah hopefully it will become available with the Nintendo Network, video chat between Wii U, 3DS, or both.

--Onilink--2411d ago

i think they said in the past that they will wait until E3 to announce everything related to the Nintendo Network because they didnt want to anounce bit by bit. So we just have to wait 2 more months

Honky Kong2411d ago

I want Nintendo direct so my wife wont know when I am buying games....

ronin4life2411d ago

Is this "source" referring to the april 14 Nintendo Direct for Korea? (many think this may be a standalone presentation for Korea, as the 3ds launches there on the 28.) Or is it something we don't know about yet?

This certainly would be great, but unnamed sources tend to say a lot of things...^_^;

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The story is too old to be commented.